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Sketch Wednesday: Happy Blogiversary!

How fitting that Sketch Wednesday should fall on today. Eight years ago today I scanned in a bunch of stuff I had sketched, and uploaded it to the shiny new blog I had just installed.

It’s hard to believe how much my life has changed in the last eight years. (I didn’t even know how to knit back then.) This blog is one of the few constants. It feels like home to me in a very real sense. And I have all of you to thank for that, as well. So thank you!

sketch wednesday

One thing that hasn’t changed: my fascination for parking lots and other overlooked suburban landscapes. This is the view from the parking lot of the Safeway in Mount Vernon, looking across the way towards the Taco Bell.

9 comments to Sketch Wednesday: Happy Blogiversary!

  • Hooray for Redshirt Knitting!

  • Happy Blogiversary to one of my favorite bloggers! May your writing and sketching go on for many, many years (exactly as many as you want).

  • Lori

    Happy Blogversary! :O)

  • Ginny

    Happy Blogiversary! May I live vicariously through your Sims, knitting, cat and art blogs for many years to come.

  • Jennifer

    Thank *you* for sharing your life and wit. You should make a celebratory treesweater. :)

  • Rose

    Happy, Happy Blogiversary from me (okay, so it’s a day late)!

  • Brandi

    Happy (a bit belated) Blogiversary, Erika! Thank you for sharing. Here’s to many more years of Redshirt Knitting fun! :)

  • Eight? Heavens! I found you through Knitting Pattern Central, the entry for your Treesweater. I stayed for your writing … and the kittehs. (I must confess, though: the bird photos? Not so much.) I’m a sucker for good writing and kittehs. I still use the phrase “maximum cat shunning” for appropriate situations.

    Glad you’re still going strong!

  • christina

    You have such a beautiful drawing style, I loved looking at your old sketches! They remind me of illustrations from children’s books, all snuggly and warm and comforting. Well done!