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La Conner’s Yarn/Tattoo Store

As promised, a tour of one of La Conner’s newest businesses: a combination yarn store/fiber arts/tattoo parlor. Unfortunately the owner had stepped out just before I got there, and I couldn’t stick around to wait for her to return. (I had just come from the store, and had a package of pork chops sitting in my car in the sun. You know how it is.)

It’s actually two businesses in one. Likid Koulé (it’s Creole for “liquid color”) is the tattoo parlor. FiberSoul is the yarny bit. She makes fiber art (both knitting and felted works), as well as spinning super-swanky hand-spun and hand-dyed art yarns.

yarn and tattoos

As you can see, it is a very small space! This is the fiber half, with her skeins of yarn for sale.

yarn and tattoos

The transition area, which has her fiber art displayed on the walls.

yarn and tattoos

And the tattoo area, with the paints and table. You have a good view out the window while she is working, which must be nice! I am way too chicken to get a tattoo, personally, but I think they are pretty neat on other people.

The location is Pier 7 in La Conner. It is across the street from the post office, in the yellow building. (If you’re familiar with the area, it’s in what used to be the store that sold kitty cat things.) Monday and Tuesday are by appointment only. You can call at 360-982-0843 or check her out on Facebook.

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