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Sketch Wednesday: Three Hats

I ran into town today on an errand, and stopped to do a quick bit of sketching. Not my ideal circumstances by far. I was standing on a walkway which technically belonged to a restaurant I wasn’t eating at, standing beside the open window of the restaurant’s kitchen where I was sure they would worry I was eavesdropping and ask me to leave, with the sun beating down on my back, and nowhere useful to brace myself. This is a quick ten minutes of work, facing the tribal side of the Swinomish Channel.

The three structures are three pavilions which were built for a big annual festival. Their shape was designed to evoke the traditional cedar hats.

I cleaned up this sketch in Photoshop a bit, but not as much as I could have.

Sketch Wednesday

Here is the original. Sloppy though it is, I think it has a vibrancy that the tidied-up version lacks.

Sketch Wednesday

And to bring home how imagination and art is always better than reality, here is a reference photo I snapped before I left.

Sketch Wednesday

Not even Instagramming can save that picture from being so dreadful.

Sketch Wednesday

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