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Rainbow Brite Shawl: Complete

I finished this scarf/shawl/whatever/thingie over the weekend. I can’t take it outside for pictures, because there is a guy weed whacking at the overgrown grasses, and if I go outside I will sneeze myself to death. For now, you will have to be content with indoor pictures.

rainbow brite shawl

At the end you knit four rows (two garter stitch ridges) along the live stitches, which creates a long single-color border along the “spine.”

rainbow brite shawl

I knit 13 wedges (the pattern calls for 8). And out of an entire skein of Kauni Effektgarn, this is all that was left over at the end:

rainbow brite shawl

Exactly 3 grams. (And 1 of those is probably just absorbed water from our humid weather.) THAT is a close call!

(But not too close, because I have a second skein that I could have swiped from.)(Now I have to figure out what to do with THAT skein.)

9 comments to Rainbow Brite Shawl: Complete

  • Ooooh! I can’t wait to see the entire pretty! I have so much Kauni lust. I sometimes go to the store just to look at it. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy more anything until I used up a substantial amount of the yarn/craft stuff I have … but the Effektgarten, it seduces me.

  • Karen

    Send it to me so I can make a Rainbow Bright Shawl for me? ;)

  • Ginny

    Opera length gloves to match the scarf with small wedges up the side. Kind of like tailfins on an old Cadillac. Sweet! And you can wear it with cat eye sunglasses.

    Okay, I have officially lost my mind.

  • Pretty! If you do knit the opera gloves, I really want a picture of the whole ensemble. With cat eye sunglasses. Framed.

  • Doodledog

    Hey Erika, you may remember me as a commenter back on The Splines (I’m not offended if you don’t), but I tried going back to the Splines’ website because I wanted to read it again, it’s still up with my favorites even though it’s on Hiatus, but it says the webpage expired on the 16th… I didn’t know if you knew, but I thought I should let you know. Even if you’re not posting, I still love that blog and re-read it from the beginning often.


  • Doodledog

    Oh, P.S., I’ve been reading Redshirt Knitting for a long time, but I’ve become a bit of a lurker :)

  • Erika

    Of course I remember you! :-D And thanks… but yes, after a year and a half on hiatus, I decided it was time to finally just pull the plug.

  • Doodledog

    1. That just made my day. I am jumping up and down and squealing right now, not kidding.
    2. I understand. The Splines will me missed, eleven generations of amazingly witty writing will not be forgotten. But… you should probably brace yourself for When singer14 finds out. Thank you, though, for having the splines there when my game wasn’t working to give me my fix of sims, and for just being the awesome Erika you are. :)
    I also have a ring of internet friends (singer14, Cleo, Del, badginger, and bookaddict. Mira used to be there, too, but she hasn’t been online-I do hope she’s all right), four of us started sims blogs because of you. The Splines is the reason for our friendship and the blogs we have now. Thank you so much again. We won’t ever forget Tyler, or Ana, or Mort, or Napoleon, or Hera or anyone else who was a part of the Splines legacy. And, of course, we won’t ever forget you.

  • Erika

    Aw, you’re too sweet as always!