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Sketch Wednesday: Eye Patch Cat

With Cinnamon’s eye injury I started wondering if she would have to wear an eye patch for a while. Because that would look so rad.

eye patch cat

(I didn’t draw the buildings in the background, by the way. They are from a set of Photoshop brushes that I downloaded years ago. This is literally the first time I have ever used them. Photoshop brush sets are like that.)

5 comments to Sketch Wednesday: Eye Patch Cat

  • You are not old enough to remember Moshe Dayan when he was the hero of the Six-Day War in 1967. He wore an eye patch, and eye patches suddenly became DA BOMB (although no one had heard of DA BOMB in 1967). Store mannequins wore an eye patch.

    Cinnamon would have been Le Chic Chat.

  • Of course, she would look rad for the total of 4.2 seconds that she actually left the eyepatch on

  • Sara

    0.42 seconds, belike.

  • Gayle and Sara have a point.

    She does have a certain rakish air though.

  • Cristina

    Kudos on the cat! I find it very hard to draw more than just the facial features and the ears!