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Cat Fight Fallout

Feline political negotiations experienced a setback last week. In another in an ongoing series of squabbles about who gets to sleep on the bed (MY bed) during the day, OldCat caught NewCat with a pretty good swat across the face. (Which is basically like getting your ass kicked by an 85 year-old man. But he’s also twice her size, so he has a longer reach to his advantage.)

Cinnamon came down from the bedroom loft with a scratch across the bridge of her nose bleeding badly enough that I had to dab at it with a paper towel. By the next night it was also apparent that he had damaged her left eye somehow.

Although it was difficult to tell how badly, because Cinnamon is… not very compliant. If she doesn’t want you to look at her eye, she will make you regret trying.

After a trip to the vet (who knew a free cat could be so expensive?) she got a shot of antibiotics, a tentative diagnosis of a scratched third eyelid (nictitating membrane), and a tube of goop for me to apply to her eye twice a day. She spent two full days curled up on the thermal mat on the couch, getting up only to eat or drink or use the litter box. My poor little puddin’.

Luckily by Sunday, even though her eye looked about the same to me, she clearly felt better. She was up and engaging in some of her usual routines, like her hobby of staring fixedly at the neighbor’s car for no apparent reason.


(The best thing I can say about that picture is that it’s in focus. I tried fixing the lighting in Photoshop, but – as is so often the case – it only made things worse.)

It has definitely gotten better. Although it’s not as healed by now as I thought it would be. The vet said if it doesn’t improve, she will need to be brought in and tranquilized for further examination.

If that statement made you hear cash register noises in your head: congratulations! You must be a pet owner!

10 comments to Cat Fight Fallout

  • Franz

    Speaking of cash-register noises, that reminds me of a long-standing, nigh-unto-burning question of mine: is such a noise rendered in English as “ka-ching” or “cha-ching”? I’ve always thought it was ka-ching, but Dilbert uses cha-ching, which I found jarring. What do you, or your other commenters, think?

    P.S. Hope Cinnamon heals up soon.

  • And how often have you successfully applied the goop to her eye?

    And that reminds me. Hez needs her shots. Ka-ching.

  • Cristina

    Last week I took my old boy in just for a check-up, it had been yrs since he’d been to the vet. Measly check-up, temp & weight check and bloodwork and urinalysis all for $215 dollars!!! Thank goodness nothing was seriously wrong.

    Now my younger boy has the shniffles… so just imagine. It’ll be $30+ for the visit, and then the meds and they always want to do a follow-up. At least it keeps me from becoming a cat hoarder, I tell ya.

  • Orli

    It doesn’t look too terrible even in the bad picture :) After it’s healed, though, (and I’m sure your vet mentioned it) keep an eye on that eye (ha!) for any lingering cloudiness or spots of white that could indicate corneal ulceration or other injury. Although this one will probably heal up just fine, any leftover damage can cause issues in the future.

  • tari

    Not only did I hear ka-ching-ing, I heard the unmistakable thud that indicates there might not be a weekend away for a while. Hope NewCat continues to heal and that further bed negotiations do not result in warfare.

    (Why yes, I do own a senior pet-why do you ask?)

  • Ginny

    We divide the queen sized bed with pillows. Then they can “pretend” that the other cat is not there. Lots of deliberate moves and poses. Those idiots remind me of a French farce.

  • Jan

    I live with four cats. One older cat doesn’t like to share “her” furniture or sunny spots with the other cats. The two youngest cats, both boys and from the same litter, enjoy wrestling and chasing each other. The other older male cat, “big brother”, is usually fine with the other cats.

  • Jennifer

    I am totally the owner of an insane cat who needs sedation when visiting the vet. It’s to the point that they treat him like a wild animal and dump him in the gas box rather than attempt shots. He also gets a five-year rabies shot instead of the typical one-year version.

  • Cristina

    Oh Ginny’s comment made me laugh!!

  • Cristina

    Dang, I should have read to the bottom, b/c Jennifer’s gas box made me snort too!