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Sketch Wednesday: Weeds

I’m trying to get better at loosening up, being less precise about sketching, and using color in broad illustrative strokes (rather than as an afterthought, like coloring in a coloring book).


This is a patch of weeds at the edge of a parking lot, featuring a nice natural composition of purple clover flowers and yellow hawk’s beard. Maybe not my best artistic effort overall, but a successful exercise in loosening up and being a little more spontaneous.

4 comments to Sketch Wednesday: Weeds

  • Excellent effort. I’m enjoying these drawings.

  • Sara

    Your sketches are delightful! I was really impressed with the Glow-stick Mouse last week.

    OTOH … I’m NEVER eating a cupcake again.


  • Debi

    It is a lovely painting drawing sketch, and dont put yourself down there are enough others to do it for you

  • Erika

    Thanks, everyone!

    Sara, I have to admit, I wish I had never realized that a bunch of cupcakes falling into a pile on the ground would sound pretty much the same as a horse pooping.