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Sketch Wednesday: Mouse Party

If you follow my Twitter stream, you may have caught this little “incident” that happened last week. I bought a 50lb bag of scratch grains for the chickens (dry kernels of corn mixed with wheat grains and some other stuff). I put it in the trunk of my car, then went off to dinner.

By the time I finally got home it was late, I was tired, and I was wearing nice clothes. (When you wrestle a 50lb sack of scratch grains from the car, you end up with corn dust all over you.)

Against my best judgment, I left the scratch in the trunk of my car overnight.

Living in the woods, mice are just a fact of life. Nevertheless, I was quite annoyed the next afternoon when I went back out to my car. A mouse had found the bag, chewed a hole in it, and scattered the corn everywhere.

Here’s how I imagine the mouse felt, when he found himself face-to-face with fifty pounds of dried grain:

scratch grain mouse party

It had scattered grain all over the trunk of my car. Even though I had back-to-back meetings that day, I knew I would have to vacuum it out before night fall, or else he would show up with all his little friends.

There would be a mouse conga line, of course.

scratch grain mouse party

And a mouse rave, complete with tiny mouse glowsticks.

scratch grain mouse party

Sadly, I ran out of time before I could sketch the mouse mariachi band, piles of discarded tiny red plastic Solo cups, or the mouse DJ spinning sick tracks. (Let the beat drop: squeak squeak squeak SQUEEEEEEEAAAAAK wubwubwub bzzzzzz WOOP WOOP WOOP yub yub!)

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