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    Not exactly knitting weather, is it?

    It’s been getting really hot here, almost in the 90s. I know this doesn’t seem hot to you, since you live in a city where the temperatures hit the hundreds starting in February, but you have air conditioning.

    In Seattle, air conditioning as seen as some kind of moral failure like wearing fur, buying conflict diamonds, or investing in tobacco companies. Offices are air conditioned, but homes are not. Instead, we all just sit around and suffer all summer.

    Kimble made it halfway across the floor before he had to drop and take a quick nap to recover from the exertion.

    (Not from heat exhaustion; just because heat makes us sleepy. It was only 78.3 degrees in the room when this picture was taken [thank you, digital thermostat].)

    When it’s this hot, there’s not much to do but lie on the floor with your butt facing the fan, and look pissy.

    “I am holding you personally responsible for my mild discomfort.”

    The Girlfriend’s Swing Coat is coming along well. I wanted to put in some lace, to lighten it up a little, but I didn’t want anything froofy. Somewhere in blogland, someone a while back was knitting a baby blanket that had a motif of YO eyelets, 4×4 little checkerboard squares. I can’t find the site now, but I decided to steal the idea anyway.

    I made them zigzag by working them as:

    Row 1: (K2tog, YO) x 4
    Row 3: (K2tog, YO) x 4
    Row 5: (YO, k2tog) x 4
    Row 7: (YO, k2tog) x4

    The coat is worked in stockinette, so the even-numbered rows are just purled across.

    I am still loving the raglan increases. I don’t know why these please me so greatly. I love the way the stitches naturally arrange themselves into a 45 degree angle, and the little bars like dashes to each side of the increase.

    The increase stitches are worked kfb. I will definitely be using this technique again on other projects.

    5 comments to Not exactly knitting weather, is it?

    • Sharon

      you can blame my parents for the heat. Every time they visit somewhere they bring a heat wave with them. They were in Seattle last week (Tues.-Sat) then they went to Yellowstone Park. Sorry.

    • Erika

      Aha – it was THEM!!! They must have left, because it’s back down to the mid-70s now.

    • Sara

      As a Seattle native I am Truly Ashamed of buying a air conditioner. My Transparent Excuse is that my kitty, Gwyndolyn O’Shaughnessy, is in renal failure, and the heat will kill her through dehydration. I make my husband turn it off if it’s (a) below 85, (b) we’re not asleep, or (c) the cat leaves the room. I expect the cat to be blockaded in the room for most of August. :-)

    • Erika

      Awesome – if I ever scrape up enough cash to buy an air conditioner, I’m totally using that excuse! No one would condemn a person for being nice to a poor poor kitty! It’s for my cat, I swear!

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