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Oh Thursday!

I am so tired by Thursday. And I’ve done all this knitting this week, but you sure wouldn’t know it to look at it.

Instead, I shall leave you with an intriguing pie recipe that I was going to try tonight. It caught my eye as I was flipping through a magazine in a waiting room recently.

I’m not one of those people who goes around ripping recipes out of waiting room magazines. Instead, I took a picture with my cameraphone and emailed it to myself. And amazingly enough, it’s actually legible at full size (click for big).

nectarine pie recipe

Barriers that stand between me and the baking of this pie:

1. I forgot to buy pie crust.

2. I forgot to buy buttermilk.

3. The nectarines at the store looked poor, so I bought peaches instead. This seemed like a reasonable substitution at the time.

4. I’m pretty good at making pie crust, but I hate doing it. (Protip: take a stick of cold butter and grate it into your flour with a cheese grater.)

5. I guess I could peel the peaches, but who wants to peel a bunch of slimy peach slices before making a pie? Too much work. I’d rather just eat the peaches.

6. I forgot to buy buttermilk. It’s easy to make your own buttermilk but I also forgot to buy regular milk.

This is vexing. I am vexed.

12 comments to Oh Thursday!

  • You may be vexed, and you may have no pie, but you DO have fresh peaches.

  • pah do it when you feel like making it all scratched. And I’d leave on skins.

  • JoanneNicole

    Oooh…this sounds delicious. I definitely prefer nectarines over peaches.

    I used to buy the Pillsbury frozen crusts, but this recipe is so simple and tastes so much better. If you don’t have a food processor, your grated butter idea is a really good one. I’ll have to remember that, in case my trusty Cuisinart ever goes on the fritz.

    And I never buy buttermilk – I use it so infrequently that it wouldn’t make any sense for me to buy some, use a fraction of it, and then have it go bad. I always do the vinegar in milk trick to make my own.

    I’m definitely going to have to try this recipe out, thanks so much for posting it!

  • Erika

    Usually I can find buttermilk in the little pint containers, and then I use the extra as an excuse to make buttermilk pancakes!

  • two silver cats

    I like the thought process of getting the recipe home just about as much as I like the thought of that pie.

  • Xeres

    That looks awesome. Might be pie on the cards for us this weekend. Not nectarine pie, though – it’s winter here :) Got lots of apples that need using up.
    Question – what difference does the buttermilk make in the custard mixture, as opposed to just milk?

  • Thanks. Now I need to make nectarine pie, and nectarines aren’t in season for at least two more months.

    It’s almost strawberry season though. I will make strawberry rhubarb pie. Thanks for the tip about grating the butter: I don’t have a food processor.

  • JoanneNicole


    Strawberry-Rhubarb custard pie! mmmmm…..

  • Cristina

    That is exactly how I cook. Dinnertime at my house is like an episode of Chopped with mystery ingredients that won’t make a meal, and we end up eating chicken the same way or, on really lazy nights, quesadillas.

  • Slice peaches. Add ice cream. Who needs pie?

  • Vexed and pie-less?

  • Erika

    It’s terrible, right?!