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Chicken Dust Bath Video

It’s so funny to watch an animal clean itself with dirt! They really love a good dust bath, but alas, in our climate you can go months between times when it’s dry enough to indulge. (And chickens do not seem to enjoy mud baths.)

Here’s hoping your holiday weekend is as blissfully balmy as ours is planning to be!

Edit: I just watched this again and noticed that the quality of the original video on YouTube is much better than the embedded player here. So if you want to see this video in its full HD glory, click to watch it there instead!

2 comments to Chicken Dust Bath Video

  • Yay, dust bath! It makes me glad to know that it is not just my chickens that insist on piling on top of each other during the dust bath– like the other chicken is in the REALLY good dirt, and they can’t let her get away with it!

  • Erika

    It’s so true! Such selfish little beasts!