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This Week’s Gotten Away From Me!

I probably won’t have time for a proper blog post today, either. In lieu of which, I leave you with this terrible picture of a Great Blue Heron.


Which – as terrible as it is – is nevertheless the best bird picture I’ve managed to take in my life to date!

10 comments to This Week’s Gotten Away From Me!

  • dorothy

    It’s a bit fuzzy, but I really like the composition.

  • Slager

    If you focus carefully enough, it almost looks like the top of the water is actually sky, and the heron is a GIANT

  • Karen M.

    No, it’s a great picture of a Terrible blue Heron. Hee, Hee.

  • two silver cats

    @Slager– that’s exactly what I thought too!! Godzillaheron!

  • Cristina

    He’s lovely! Isn’t it kind of shocking just how tall (high?) they are?

  • Is Great Blue Picture.

  • I’m always so proud of myself when I spot a heron. About a month ago I was at PF Chang’s with some friends, eating out on the patio, and a GBH landed on the little reservoir lake that made up our view. My friends couldn’t understand why I was so excited, and I couldn’t understand why everyone in the world doesn’t enjoy bird-spotting.

  • I have to fall back on: too cool.

  • Meredith MC

    @Michelle- I totally know what you mean- but I’m the same way about awesome cloud formations, sunsets that startle with the clarity of color, and the moon. Sometimes I’ll walk out of the grocery store at dusk and be just stunned with the show in the sky and everyone else is going about their business as if there’s not an amazing sky spread out in front of them. And way more life-like than Imax too!