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Sims Sunday: Vooooh, Girbitz!

We started off with a big birthday party for Fern and her brother Friday.

sims sunday

Shockingly, no one peed themselves!

I wasn’t feeling very creative, so I chose an outfit for Fern kind of at random.

sims sunday

Then I slapped a ton of makeup on her face, because teenage girls.

sims sunday

Meanwhile, that stray dog stopped by again. Only a Sim dog would be barred from entry due to a recessed floor light.

sims sunday

Now that Fern was growing up, I thought it was time to start working on Girbitz. I sent Eldritch over to reconnoiter the situation.

Gosh, what a pretty little pink cottage he has!

sims sunday


sims sunday

Pale olive green and violent pink. I see.

But to his credit, he didn’t seem to mind when Eldritch cornered him in the bathroom to ask if he was single.

sims sunday

The answer is no, he’s dating someone. But I can work with that.

Then he got hungry. Retreat! Quick, before he starves to death!

sims sunday

There ya go. Drink up, little buddy.

The next day I sent Fern over.

sims sunday

“Um… hello? I was told my betrothed lived here?”

sims sunday

Awkward silence.

sims sunday


sims sunday

Whoops, he’s hungry again. Retreat!

And so it goes…

Update I forgot to add, for those of you who didn’t play the Sims 2 University expansion pack, “Girbitz! Girbitz! Vooooh, girbitz!” is an annoying thing that the Sims cheer. Some random player was thoughtful enough to upload it to YouTube:

One of those things that happens so often, it gets etched into your brain!

7 comments to Sims Sunday: Vooooh, Girbitz!

  • It looks like he lives in what Hollywood imagines a brothel looks like. Very “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.”

  • gabes

    Are ya sure about this guy….

  • Xeres

    I had a vampire in one game who was a coward, and his favourite colour was pink. (I got him to turn one of my Sims. He was at least useful for that.)

  • I love this guy! And it’s so funny that you have to leave him alone to eat or he’ll starve to death. I never broke down and bought Late Night because I heard it was so glitched up. This is hilarious, though. I’m in love with Girbitz’s sense of style. I think you should let him redecorate Fern’s house after he inevitably moves in!

  • Maybe she should bring a big Jug O’ Blood with her when she visits?
    There are worse colors than pink. Give me a minute and I might be able to think of one…

  • A Sims party where no one pees her pants is kind of disappointing now. It’s like a party with my relatives where no one sneaks out to her truck for a nip of liquor they don’t want to share with anyone else. It wouldn’t be right.

  • christie

    his house looks like Christina Aguilera’s.