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Another Sheep

I seem to be finishing about one of these afghan squares per week.

OMG Sheeps afghan

At this rate, I should be finished by 2015 or so.

OMG Sheeps afghan

(2016 at the latest!)

4 comments to Another Sheep

  • Slager

    And then you have to piece them all together. D:

  • super cute! but, if you are finishing them 1 square per week, surely you will finish by 2015 at the latest? Maybe Dec 31, 2015.

  • Karen

    What’s with that third leg? I admittedly have not looked at the pattern, but it looks… odd? Perverse? Like the sheep is a tree?

    Just curious, and also think you are very brave for doing intarsia. I’m still steadfastly digging in my heels screaming NOOOOOOOOOOO all the way on that skill.

  • Hey, I might finally have Madman’s Christmas Ice-Fishing Birthday Solstice? Someday socks done by then. We could have a party. (But don’t invite any Sims. You know what happens…)