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Sims Sunday: Bad Parties

Along with resetting all of your video recording and graphics display options, each Sims 3 expansion pack introduces a new “life state.” This time, it’s genies!

sims sunday

I didn’t have the patience to try and get a Dusty Old Lamp through chance. I just had Coreopsis buy one with all of her Lifetime Happiness points.

sims sunday


Eldritch and the genie were quickly smitten with each other.

sims sunday

But you can only go so far while the genie is still tied to the lamp. They could make out, but nothing more.

sims sunday

I sent Eldritch on the quest chain to free him. In the middle of which she had to stop and perform at a gig. Two random townies stopped by to see her performance.

sims sunday


sims sunday


Back to the quest! The genie was soon released.

sims sunday

The game added him to my family and informed me that his name is Joshua Schwarz.

I was so excited, I had Eldritch propose to him on the spot, still dressed in her performing outfit. (Her stage name is Charlotte Scrutiny.)

sims sunday

Then I sent them home to Try For Baby.

sims sunday

And then we had the worst bachelorette party of all time! No one had any fun, and all the guests kept complaining that they were hungry even though there was a buffet table right there.

sims sunday

At the end of the night, the mother of the bride peed herself while standing about four feet away from the bathroom. Which interrupted the stripper, who never did get back to dancing.

sims sunday

If you have the Pets expansion pack, small herds of wild horses just sort of wander around your town. While she was pregnant, Eldritch had a wish to “Watch Wild Horses.”

We found one standing around outside the grocery store. As they do.

sims sunday

She followed it as it wandered over to the sidewalk in front of the movie theater.

sims sunday

Into some random person’s yard.

sims sunday

Into the middle of the street.

sims sunday

And finishing out the night at a local playground.

sims sunday

Later that day, baby Fenton was born!

sims sunday

Not long after Fenton’s birth, Engelbert turned into a teen. As often happens after a teen’s birthday, the game offered a free vacation to all the adults in the house, leaving Engelbert alone with Fenton in that big old mansion.

I hired a babysitter for Fenton, and waited to see what Engelbert would do with his unsupervised freedom.

The first thing he did was ask to go over to a friend’s house after school. Once there, he sat down and… read a book.

sims sunday

Eventually he returned home. Where he… went outside and sat in a chair on the back patio for a while.

sims sunday

Then he got hungry, but he doesn’t know how to cook, so he burned the waffles.

sims sunday

He ended up eating canned soup for dinner.

Finally I had to step in. I scheduled a “Teen Party,” and invited over the three teenagers he knows.

It was a complete flop. I couldn’t get them to do anything interesting, even after I had Engelbert play with the DJ station and make a batch of drinks.

sims sunday

Eventually the adults came home and – adding insult to injury – got mad at Engelbert for having a party in their absence.

sims sunday

And Fenton is not blue, so we shall be trying again for another baby until we get one that is!

15 comments to Sims Sunday: Bad Parties

  • The genie is awesome. But lemme ask you this: what’s with peeing themselves in public? It can’t be a glitch, right? So someone programmed that to happen? Really often? Some geek, I mean technologically gifted person, in a cubicle with a weird sense of humor? Just askin’.

  • Haha you gave the genie the cat on your back shirt! Lolz!

  • That nose is powerful genetics, I’m noticing! I hope they get a blue baby with it soon.

  • picadrienne

    “Some geek, I mean technologically gifted person, in a cubicle with a weird sense of humor?”

    Most of the geeks I have worked with (software tester for 17 years) have ‘unusual’ senses of humor. A geek with a bizarre sense of humor is completely the norm.

  • two silver cats

    @SunJelly: I noticed the same thing!!! I love that shirt!!

  • So, are “genie powers” retained after the genie is freed from the lamp, and can they be passed down to the genie’s kids? Or are there really no “genie powers” in Sims, just “genies” as another ethnicity or something?

  • “Joshua Schwartz” the genie? ……. alright then. And holy crow, Engelbert is so ugly! Especially his too-skinny arms! Blegh!

  • Sara L.

    Okay, I had never seen that Fenton video, and now I can’t stop laughing.

  • Wow, do you know how to throw a party or what…

  • Karen

    OK, I was going to ask the same thing about all of the urination. That’s a really weird thing to have happen so often. Seriously? Do the programmers have stock in Depends?

  • Another Erika

    Funny. The very first thing I thought of when you mentioned genies was, “Can you make babies with them?” I so need to switch to playing Sims on PC.

  • Erika

    Isn’t the peeing funny? The way it works is, they have a bar for Bladder that gradually turns red. If they wait too long to go to the bathroom, they pee themselves. But for some reason, it always seems to happen at parties… I don’t know if it’s because the bathroom is more likely to be occupied by a party guest, or they get distracted by all the party goings on, or both!

  • I find that folks end up having social interactions in the bathroom, or blocking the doors, and that leads to peeing themselves. Even if I install extra bathrooms for the occasion.

    This post caused reading fail on my part. I thought the subject was bad panties, and the new supernatural type was genius. Because I read too fast and have a dirty mind.

  • The peeing obsession is just a fact of Sims, I think. I recently added more bathrooms into a sim’s house, sat back and admired my work, and then thought to count the bathrooms.

    Somehow, I had built 15 bathrooms, and not found this at all odd. (Info for the non-Sims-player: Sim households can have a maximum of 8 people living in them at any one time.)

  • Anonymous

    I find that any random old person or family member dies at a party.
    Did you click on the buffet table and choose serve? Just a thought.
    I had that buffet table and had to pay 250 bucks to “serve” it.