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A Ply-Tastrophe!

Last week I bought a second (identical) drop spindle from BJS Fiber Creations. It came packed in a bunch of random fiber, which probably wasn’t meant to be spun up, but I figured “What the heck, it’s good practice.”

There were three colors: ice blue, purple, and a reddish-orange. “I will make my own Noro,” I thought. I carefully split each color in half, so that I had two runs of fiber that went ice blue -> reddish-orange -> purple. Then I spun up each run, and I was ever so pleased with my own cleverness.

(You can see where this is going, right?)

I wound the first ply onto a knitting needle and stuck it in my cardboard box lazy kate. After spinning up the second ply I thought, “No need to wind this off, since I now have two spindles. I will just stick this spindle in my lazy kate, and use the other spindle to ply.”

And it took me the whole entire batch to figure out my mistake!

By not winding off the second spindle, I ended up plying together the beginning of one ply and the end of the other. Which, instead of creating a Noro-like series of color transitions, shuffled the colors to create some very uneasy juxtapositions.

plying yarn wrong

That is some wacky yarn, right there!

8 comments to A Ply-Tastrophe!

  • Wacky, maybe, but I have seen yarn very similar for sale… somewhere.

  • Ooh, I think it came out beautifully!

  • Evanthe

    You’re doing so wonderfully. I’m very happy you decided to keep on it with our… “urging”.

    You may not have gotten what you expected, but it’s still gorgeous. You should knit it up, like a little flower broach or shawl pin tip, depending on how much you have.

    Great job!

  • Honestly that’s some pretty fabulous color combinations, right there. If you’ve enough for mittens (or fingerless gloves, those are really popular right now) and you happen to know a 12-14yr old with cold hands, I see a pretty nifty gift right there. (Disclaimer: I disposed of some screamingly purple handspun in the very same way. My niece LOVED them!)

  • It will look great knit up. Never judge a handspun in the skein…

  • Debi

    it is lovely

  • Jennifer

    I read your description, looked at it again, and named it “Kookyburra” in my head. Thought I’d share. :) I like it too, in a wacky way.

  • I think it’s awesome. So there. Also, I applaud your thriftiness.