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State of the (Cat) Union

Kimble and Cinnamon haven’t cuddled yet, which I find understandable, yet disappointing. I keep threatening to mash them together while howling “CUDDLE! CUDDLE NOW!”


Cinnamon’s first full night here was January 15, so it’s been just a little bit over a month. On the whole, they have managed to broker a detente, if not an actual peace agreement. He has his territories and she has hers, and they manage to time-share the rest of the house uneventfully.

It’s been ages since I heard a growl or hiss. Cinnamon’s first and favorite offensive weapon is a withering glare.


It’s interesting to watch them gradually build a shared vocabulary and begin to communicate.

This morning, Kimble strolled over and started eating out of “her” bowl. She walked over, sat down about a foot away, and gave him a withering glare. When he ignored it, she lashed out with a Two-Fisted Ninja Face Slap in his direction, KAPOWPOWPOWPOW!

Under other circumstances, that might have started a fight – or at least sent Kimble (who is a big chicken) dashing for a hiding spot. But he was all like, “Oh I was done eating anyway, you can have it,” and strolled slowly away, having (I guess) made his point. Then she settled down at the bowl and crunched away for several minutes, with Danger Tail lashing madly.

Kimble and I have both learned that you want to give Danger Tail a wide berth.

4 comments to State of the (Cat) Union

  • Glad they are working things out!

    We really don’t have room for another cat but the one time that I took care of my SIL’s cat when he was a kitten (she brought him to our house)Jack tried to hide under the piano. Jack is 15 lbs.

  • I have never had two cats acquired at different times get so friendly that they cuddled. Which is not to say it is impossible, just that I have never seen it. I think your best tactic to achieve feline cuddling is to keep the manse at 50 degrees. Nothing makes a cat friendlier than being a bit chilly.

  • “I keep threatening to mash them together while howling “CUDDLE! CUDDLE NOW!””

    Now I keep picturing the crazy anime-fan guys who force their action figures to “kiss.” (Sorry.)

  • They’re practically best friends now!