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Envy Socks, Complete! Thought For The Day, And Thanks

Last night I sat down on the couch around 9:30 PM and thought, “Okay! Let’s knit and watch some television!” And then I looked around and realized that… I had nothing to knit!

Red Heart Heart & Sole Socks

My big knitting surprise of 2011 is that I became smitten with that Red Heart sock yarn. It’s durable, has good shoe-fitting-ness, and the colors reportedly hold up well in the wash. And I bought it for only about $2.50 a ball! (2 balls required for one pair of socks.)

Thought For The Day

You know that old saw “What would you do if you weren’t afraid to fail?” I propose a variant for women: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid of not being liked?”


I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who responded to my poll last week, both by voting and by leaving a comment. I was genuinely surprised at how the numbers were distributed across responses.

Just goes to show you, “everyone” has a lot of varied opinions!

7 comments to Envy Socks, Complete! Thought For The Day, And Thanks

  • Melissa

    The past few years I’ve come huge strides in not giving a flying …fiddle.. about what people think about me. And unless I care about you first or need to have a working relationship with you, you can go… Fiddle your little heart out, if you don’t like me. I’m pretty happy with who I am so I’m not looking to change for anyone else. Apparently part of who I am is someone who uses the “f” word a lot. Meh, I got it from my mother hahah

    And if you have a moment, I’m planning a trip out to the Seattle area and I want to spend a day or two around Anacortes and the San Juan islands. Anything good I should try to be sure to see? Trying to plan from the opposite side of the country and never having been there, I feel like I’m in so far over my head! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Michele

    I’ve read your blog for about a year now but as a matter of habit I next-to-never leave comments on any blog…shy, I guess. Your thought for the day really startled me, however, to the degree I feel compelled to respond. You succinctly asked the same, much more disorganized question I have just begun to wonder about myself. I haven’t asked myself about not being liked (because I don’t give a crap if anyone likes me or not, although I would prefer that they do), but I have asked myself if I am an actor behaving as it seems like I ought, or if I am genuine. After filling a number of roles for so many years – co-worker, wife, mom, etc – I am in a place (non-working, full-time adult college student, empty-nester) and time where I have time to breathe, spend on/with myself, and get to know me. I feel like an angsty teenager these days, wondering who the hell I am. What I’m finding is that I don’t like the way I try to “get along,” which is not synonymous with being nice, exactly, as it’s more passive, I believe. Good question. I really thought I’d have a whole lot more figured out by this point in life (I’m 51 and have no idea how the HELL that happened!).
    Love your knitting projects by the way. And the cats.

  • I’m surprised at the poll results. I hate moving so much that I assumed everyone else did, too…

  • two silver cats

    Michele, I have just printed out your comment and taped it up over my writing desk, with the sentence beginning with “I am in a place” highlighted and circled. That might be a slightly weird bizarre to do, but hey, it made me happy.

    May I suggest a reading list for your newfound epiphany? Sabrina Ward Harrison’s book “Spilling Open”, SARK’s Succulent Wild Woman and Sarton’s “Journal of a Solitude.” Those three books, above any other that I have found, have helped me find who I am. Maybe they can help you find (keep finding) who you are as well.

  • Michele

    thanks, two silver cats, for the kind words. I don’t think taping up things that appeal to you is bizarre at all, wherever they come from.
    I’ve looked up your book recommendations, and these books look interesting. I’ve never heard of these authors and don’t know if I would’ve found them on my own. I appreciate the share.

  • Actually, I already tend to say whatever I think must or should be said; I just try not to be judgmental or harsh about it. (So far, so good — no one has tried to murder me in retaliation yet.)

    Fun socks!

  • Meredith MC

    Love your thought for the day change. I would say “no” a lot more often!
    Love your socks, too!