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Honey Cowl, Complete

I really like what the Honey Cowl pattern does with a multi-colored yarn.

Honey cowl

The pattern is easy, but that didn’t prevent me from messing it up several times. How hard can it be to just do “slip, purl, slip, purl”? Pretty hard sometimes, I guess.

Honey cowl

You might be tempted to stop before you reach the full 12 inches of height, but don’t. It puddles around on your neck. I’m glad I knit the whole thing, several people have told me they stopped short and they regret it.

Honey cowl

I love the mock seam that happens when you do garter stitch in the round!

Honey cowl

Isn’t it funny how different the two “sides” look?

And best of all… it’s another skein of sock yarn used up from my stash!

Updated with a link to the pattern. I made the smaller version, because I only had one skein of yarn.

3 comments to Honey Cowl, Complete

  • Melissa

    I hadn’t realized how far behind I had fallen on my reading! Lots happens in two months I guess :P I very much like Cinnamon, her attitude reminds me of my own little kitty Bellatrix. I’m so sorry about your Brady boy :( Sadly and oddly enough, my family is going got have our own loss tomorrow. My MIL’s cat has kidney failure and just has no quality of life left. It’s a hard choice to make but it’s not something we can do to watch him struggle everyday, not to mention clean up 6+ messes a day since he won’t use a box any more. not that any of this is relevant to you but I guess I needed to get that out. It’s a sad sad day and he is an old orange tabby too. 21 good years is hard to let go of.

    Ahem. So. ….NICE COWL! :P

  • Very nice!
    I’m a big fan of cowls, and yours is pushing the Honey Cowl pattern closer to the top of my queue…