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Twine Cowl: Technical Pics

A few people mentioned having trouble visualizing the construction of the Twine cowl. Which is funny, because I thought it was just me!

Anyway, I took two more pictures outside with a potted plant for scale. Even though it was drizzly and the light was weird and made everything look unreal.

Here you can see how the individual pieces are linked together. Like one of those puzzle rings, or a Celtic knot.

Twine cowl

Pick them all up together, and they collapse into one big snuggly ring.

Twine cowl

I made my pieces a little bit longer than the pattern specified. And I regret it. Next time I would want to make them either the correct (shorter) length, or even longer so that you can double it over.

I might also experiment with doing all the pieces in the same color yarn. Although that might lose some of the sculptural quality, and being able to see the separate pieces.

4 comments to Twine Cowl: Technical Pics

  • gabes

    I used to have a job at a historic site where I wore period costume and “attempted” to spin yarn. Luckily tourists never seemed to notice the pile of botched wool around my feet.
    I am impressed that anyone can actually make yarn EVER
    You go girl.

  • Ah! Now I get it. Linked moebiuses. moebii? moebissi? (What the hell is the plural of moebius, anyway…)

  • Sara

    It’s a Venn diagram!

  • Erika

    Ha! It kinda is, Sara! And the intersection of the sets is… you!

    Gabes, that’s pretty funny! “Pay no attention to the lumpy stuff on the ground.”

    And Gayle, I believe it’s “moebiususes.”