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Honey Cowl, Instead

I had chosen a skein of sock yarn from stash – Fancy Image DK – for the Feministy KAL. I wouldn’t have thought of using this yarn for a cowl, but it matched the project’s yardage/weight requirements exactly.

After I gave up and ripped back, I realized that there was nothing to keep me from knitting a different cowl with the same yarn. The colors of this yarn are wonderful, but they don’t quite stand up to the abuse I heap upon socks.

Honey Cowl

So many Honey Cowls have come out of Mason-Dixon Knitting territory lately, I knew there had to be something to it. This is basically garter stitch knit in the round, with a staggered slip stitch pattern on all the purl rows. Simple, gorgeous, and I love what the slip stitches do to the colors!

7 comments to Honey Cowl, Instead

  • I saw Cookie’s and was thinking this is easy enough for me!

  • Pretty! And it may have been simple to make but it makes a nice impact.

  • seoulmama

    very pretty indeed! I did join the Cowl KAL from your earlier post and knit like mad to make the deadline-but apparently I didn’t as the next pattern was released this am and I didn’t get it. Such a bummer-but in retrospect, your thoughts on keeping up the pace are too true! I would be struggling with the fingering weight yarn project!

  • I just yoinked the pattern. Looks like something relaxing to knit, unlike all the other projects I’ve got going on at the moment…

  • Erika

    It is! All you have to do is keep track of which slip/purl pattern you did last time, which I have already screwed up once. But as soon as you get an inch or so on the needles, it’s a lot easier to see which kind you did and knit accordingly.

  • I messed up on the beginning of my honey cowl a number of times at the beginning, but you are definitely right that you can see the pattern once you’re a little ways into it. I used a yarn that doesn’t show the stitch definition as much as I’d like, though, so I think I want to try it again with the Madelinetosh yarn that it calls for. Also, I read on the Mason Dixon blog that you want to make it at least 12 inches wide- I didn’t do that and I should have. Another opportunity for growth on my next one, I guess. :)
    Anyway, I put together a site with a bunch of my favorite free knitting patterns and a lot of them are cowls, so if you want to check it out, the link is here-

  • Erika

    I read that too, about making it 12 inches tall – it seems like a LOT, but I’m sure they are right! This is working up nicely in the DK sock yarn, I think you’re right that you would want to use the smoothest, stitch definition-i-est yarn that you can.

    Good to learn from someone else’s experience, thanks!