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Twine, Blocking

I have finished all the knitting for my Twine, and it’s ready for assembly. But I decided to give the pieces a full soak and block first, because I’m planning to submit this to the county fair next August*.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t bother to block Berkshire Bulky before wearing it, because blocking doesn’t change it that much. But proper blocking is one of the things the judges look for, when evaluating projects.

Twine Cowl

And as we all know, “proper blocking” involves using a cat. It gives your garment that extra bit of panache.

* That phrase, “submitting it to the county fair next August” is just so Sunbonnet Sue I can hardly stand it. But there it is.

10 comments to Twine, Blocking

  • No knitted object is complete without the paw of approval.

  • I’m always trying to find a place to block where the cat won’t nap. She even removed the pins with her teeth, once, when she decided the blocking object would be a good nap-zone.

  • I put pins in my knitting whenever I block it, which keeps the cats off. Sort of.

  • Ha! My dog always wants to lay on whatever I block. She’s part cat I guess.

  • The Sunbonnet Sue quilt in my UFO pile is the Unfortunate variety. I have 6 blocks of her fallen in the gutter outside a bar and liquor store. I need to balance it with more blocks of her mooning someone, dancing on the pole, and the like. This is what I think of when I consider Ms. Sue.

  • Northmoon

    I understand why cats like curling up on a warm comfortable knitted object, but I don’t know why they insist on laying on wet knit items. Aren’t they cold and damp?

  • Slager

    That’s a neat piece! And the natural colors are very pretty.

    I wish I was working on my State Fair Knitting right now. Even though it’s months and months away, I feel like I was unfairly shafted last year and intend to crush the competition this year.

  • Erika

    Good for you! CRUSH CRUSH!!!

  • Ginny

    The cats can’t get to the Neverending Afghan right now since it is squished into the “Take Your Project to Work” bag but Izzy (Isabeau) gets plenty of practice by ambushing random quilt blocks for other projects. Toby prefers to catch the fabric fresh out of the dryer even before it becomes a quilt block.

  • Erika

    If cats ran the world, they would enslave an entire class of citizen just to continually re-heat towels and blankets for them in the dryer!