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The Great Feministy Cowl KAL

Oh I have so many things to talk about! But let me start with a time-sensitive thing that I should have told you last week: the Great Cowl KAL by designer Liz Abinante of Feministy.

You may know Abinante from some of her earlier designs: I know people who have knit Saroyan, the Traveling Woman shawl, and Temperance sock pattern, among others.

Abinante has five new cowl patterns. The first one is free; the other four will be for-pay. But if you participate in the Cowl KAL, you can unlock the other four patterns for free!

You have a total of 50 days, 10 per pattern. Finish the first pattern and submit your pics, and you will receive a free copy of the second pattern. And so forth.

It sounds fun, and the first pattern (Flurries) was released today. It is due on February 8th. Needles ready!

7 comments to The Great Feministy Cowl KAL

  • Elaine

    This sounds like a great challenge, and I’ve been wanting to knit a cowl for myself. Surely one of the patterns will look good on me, and the rest could be gifted. Thanks for the links!

  • Oi! I’ve grabbed the first pattern, but I don’t think I can knit fast enough to earn the rest. Unless I quit my job… Yeah, that’ll work.
    Is it necessary to join the traveling woman group in order to participate? Or, rather, attempt to participate?

  • Mich

    I needed to know this before I came to school…wait, if I unravel the 3″ of sock cuff (just about to do the heel flap) I can start it tonight…I’ll just have to do it all on double points, that should be, um, interesting, but hey, I could use the challenge!

  • Oh that sounds like a ton of fun! Too bad I can’t afford yarn these days. I’ll have to remember to check it out. :)

  • trifarina

    Wow, that’s a neat idea! I think I shall have to play along.

  • Xeres

    Dammit, way to *totally* torpedo my queue, which in addition to knitting, includes spinning and weaving items. Cast on three times tonight too. Apparently I have recently lost the ability to join in the round without twisting. #n00balert