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Another Pair of Socks Bites The Dust

Hand-knit socks have a pretty hard life at my house. I wear them exclusively, every day, and I’ll be honest with you: these days, I always machine wash them.

During “wood stove season” (roughly October through April) I hang them up to dry. In the months when I’m not heating my house, there’s no point trying to air-dry anything, so I run them through the dryer, too.

This morning I put on a pair of knit socks and it took me a surprisingly long time to figure out what was going on down there. At first I thought I had stepped in something damp, and that’s why there was a cold spot. What can I say? I hadn’t had my coffee yet.

RIP Socks

This was a pretty good pair of socks. Although in the last six months or so, they had become so worn that the fibers itched between my toes by the end of the day.

I knit them back in 2007 and look how much more vibrant the colors were! Five years of hard labor will do that to ya.

They were Lisa Souza “Sock!” yarn in the colorway Mombassa. (Lisa later left me a comment clarifying that she had once met a lion named Mombassa, and that the colors of the sock yarn were modeled after the colors in his mane.)

Also, I finally decided that the slime puddle below the tree was a blob of tree sap from an infection. Tree pus, basically. And, wow, I had completely forgotten about how much I loved “24” at first.

Goodbye, socks. You did good!

(Oh, and thanks for the compliments on my living room rug! It’s a hand-me-down from relatives with far better decorating taste than my own. I love it!)

11 comments to Another Pair of Socks Bites The Dust

  • Slager

    So, five years ago you didn’t much care about top-down versus toe-up, but now it’s mostly toe-up?

    I should knit some socks one of these days. I never have.

  • I just blew my first hole in a pair of socks and, oddly enough, it’s in the same spot as yours!

  • You could darn them. I’ve done it, and it’s really not that hard. Just weaving with some more sock yarn. But really, isn’t this just an excuse to make another pair?

  • If there is something more satisfying than pulling on a hand-knit garment (for me that’s mostly socks; I’m not much of a sweater-wearer), I don’t know what it is. Painting a house, maybe. (Conjecture. I’ve never done that.) Watching people eat a pie you made completely from scratch and then do the “maybe just one more little piece” a few times, that’s close. Very close.

    I salute you and your worn-out sock. It has served you warmly, and well. *plays Taps*

  • Judy

    Oh, no! Don’t toss them…just rip back past the hole and use up some little skein of leftover yarn to reknit the toe. Could do both socks if the other is thin. It’s double good – saves the socks and uses up a leftover!

  • Yes, yes – knit new toes with leftovers. Then they could be Frankensocks…

  • No urge to darn them and/or replace the ball to toe part of it?

    Very good choice on relatives-with-rugs. Kudos. :)

  • Anonymous

    ok, i have to ask why not put your socks outside on a line in summer?

  • I think the 5-yo colors are beautiful, much better than the originals.

    Reknit the toes. Frankensocks, perfect.

  • Oh, that cold, wet sensation always fills me with dread. I’ve lost 4 pairs of socks this season. Blargh.

  • Erika

    We don’t have much of a “dry clothes outside” season up here… and the last time I hung clothes out to dry, birds pooped on them. I was quite vexed.