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Another Gloomy Day

I’m grateful for our unseasonably warm winter. There was one year when, by this time, I had been trapped at home by the snow for over two weeks, and without power for several days. That was a terrible winter.

This year I stocked up on food and supplies and even bought some of those slip-on shoe traction devices (Yaktrax). Which of course means that (e.g.) today it’s 50 degrees and raining.

But hey, you don’t have to shovel rain! (You can slip on the rain, though.)

It sure makes it hard to get decent pictures, though. This one turned out alright, after several that were either blurry (from the low light level in the middle of the afternoon) or rain that had splashed on the lens.

Hermione Loves Ron

This is the beginning of a Hermione Hearts Ron hat. I used the interesting “double-knit tubular cast on in the round” from the Grace Lace Beret to start.

(The Hermione Hearts Ron pattern mentions a tubular cast on, but it neither explains how to do it, nor tells you where to find an explanation, so.)

4 comments to Another Gloomy Day

  • moiraeknittoo

    It’s right about this time of year that I start daydreaming of Hawaii. Or Mexico. Possibly even Florida. SoCal? Basically anywhere sunny.

  • dorothy

    Nice hat pattern and nice color! And yes, I too got a pair of yaxtrax this Fall, because waiting til it gets icy ensures that they will be sold out. (perfectly balmy today in Seattle, I saw plenty of coat-less shirt sleeves on the Ave.)

  • Enjoy your warmth – it’s currently -7 up here (-16 with wind chill)… *sigh*

  • Love the blue!

    Here we say, when the temperature is below zero, “At least you don’t have to shovel cold.”

    Nice cast on. I have plans for a hat for myself in the very near future — I’ll use that.