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Forget Photography Today!

Even though I tried to get pictures well in the middle of the day, it was so gloomy and rainy that they all came out poorly. I was trying to show how hilariously oversized the hood turned out. As you would expect, based on the fact that I ripped back and knit it larger to fit.

Obviously when you do that, the whole thing is going to, like, double in size once you block it. If I don’t tug it back just so, I end up looking like a fat Emperor Palpatine.

Last night I picked out some buttons from my collection. These are from my grandmother’s buttons. They had obviously been snipped off a clothing item that had seen a lot of wear. They have a moonstone-ish sort of quality to them, although they are made from some sort of plastic. I love them.

Through The Woods hood

Even though it turned out bigger than it was meant to, I’m still pretty happy with this project. I dislike wearing hats, but I wanted something to keep my head warm. And I can wear this when I go outside in my headlamp in the dark to tend to the chickens, as I do twice a day. (You can wear a headlamp over a hat, but not easily.)

The yarn – Cascade Eco Wool – is nice and snuggly. I used almost the entire skein. It’s very lanolin-y, which ordinarily I would appreciate, but not this close to my face. Needs another good washing, methinks.

Note: I learned how to sew buttons to knitting from this tutorial.

6 comments to Forget Photography Today!

  • Yup, that’s how I sew on buttons, too. Good to know the same method goes for knitwear. One of these years I might knit a cardigan…

  • Lou

    I’ve been trying to figure out why “A hood – not a hoodie, just the hood” sounded so familiar since you first mentioned it. I just now realized it’s an echo of something my son said when he was three and explaining the a cow had licked his head while he was napping at his grandparents.

    “A cow licked your head?”
    “Yes. Not my hoodie, just my head. And I looked and looked for the cow, but I never did find it, so I guess it just went home.”

  • Erika

    Aww, adorable!

  • Well, someday the sun will shine. I want to see a modeled shot of the Enormous Hood That Ate Erica…

  • Erika

    I used it last night in conjunction with the headlamp – it worked great! I was worried the hood might block the headlamp light somehow, but it was fine. Hooray!

  • A hood is so much nicer than a mere hat. And size doesn’t matter nearly as much.

    Hmm. That’s about how I sew buttons on as well but I’ve used my project yarns occasionally as well.

    Happy New Year!