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Blocking “Hood – Not A Hoodie – Just The Hood”

The name, if it wasn’t self-explanatory, comes from every conversation I had about it up to that point.

Me: “I’m knitting a hood.”

Other Person: “A hoodie?”

Me: “No, it’s just the hood.”

I finished it over the weekend. It’s an interesting pattern, but I could have used more direction on what the pieces were supposed to look like, and how to fit them together. I’m still not convinced I attached the plackets correctly. (And I need to track down some buttons.)

As with all damp woolen objects, this one attracted cats like crazy. Cat #1, a.k.a. “the sick one” snoozed on it with magnificent delight, and while cradling his back feet against his cheek, as is his habit.

Through The Woods hood

He seems to be feeling better, by the way. At least he’s eating. Not as much as I’d like, but it’s not yet been a full week he’s been on medication, and the vet assigned him a month of treatment, so.

Cat #2 flailed around in delight, while madly clashing with the orange towel. I put a colander under the point of the hood to help block it out, at the pattern’s suggestion.

Through The Woods hood

Predictably, my efforts to fatten up the sick cat have resulted mainly in the non-sick cat becoming QUITE PLUMP. He’s well on his way to “roly-poly,” in point of fact.

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