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    Oh Friday, how you exhaust me

    Hey, I finished one of the second Wintersox! (Wintersoxen?)


    I also managed to finish up the Super Secret Project and mail it off. On time! Mostly complete! In a month full of failures, it was nice to have a success, however mild.

    Regarding recent topics of conversation (Lost season 3, and The Dark Knight), is it just me, or is Nestor Carbonell not as hot without the accent?

    3 comments to Oh Friday, how you exhaust me

    • Oooh, I love the Wintersox(en)! They look yummy warm and earthy. Re: Nestor–yeah, the accent on Suddenly Susan was hot… I dunno, though. I checked out a YouTube interview where he spoke without the accent, and he’s still pretty hot to me! :-)

    • It’s just you.

      On time! How did that happen?

    • First, it’s “Wintersi,” like “hippopotami.” Har, har.

      And on the Nestor thing–agree with you, although something told me the accent was fake all along.

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