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    That Rainbow Yarn

    A lot of people correctly identified the rainbow yarn as being a particularly colorful shade of Kauni Effektgarn. Which I thought was funny because A) I had deliberately put it in the back of that photograph so that it wouldn’t be visually distracting, and B) it’s this, like, whole big thing.

    kauni rainbow

    A friend gave me the first of those two skeins, which was very exciting. After browsing Ravelry for pattern ideas, I was smitten with the Rainbow Scarf which uses two skeins of this yarn, starting from opposite ends of the skein, and creates a pattern using double knitting.

    Let’s just say, this is a scarf that would have a lot of “Pow!”

    I ordered a second skein, and wound it from the opposite end, and even cast on and started the first row. And that is when I remembered Oh yeah, I hate the double knitting technique more than life itself.

    Double knitting, if you haven’t tried it yet, is basically a crazy-ass technique for knitting in the round on straight needles. Instead of knitting around on a circular needle, you knit back and forth, and slip every other stitch.

    You can get some great color effects this way, and a double thickness of knitting. Gayle is working on some double knit socks that look awesome. Two other cool double knitting projects I have seen are the Longcat/Tacgnol scarf [non-Ravelry link] and this awesome Deathflake scarf.

    Down side to the double knitting technique: you have to “touch” each stitch twice, since first you slip it and then you knit it. So it’s as much work as knitting it twice. And if you screw up, it’s soooooooper obvious, and a huge pain to rip back and fix.

    How many hours of knitting would it take to finish a scarf in double knitting worked at 6 stitches to the inch? My guess is: all of them. All the hours.

    My current half-hearted plan is to use this yarn to knit a two-color brioche scarf. And then? Good question.

    It might make a good auction item for an LGBT charity? But I have this mental picture of me handing it to the auction manager and having them say “Sorry – that is TOO MUCH RAINBOW. Please leave.”

    And I would be all, “But that just makes it extra Pride!”

    And then they would say, “That is too much Pride. WE HAVE LIMITS.”

    And I would say, “But you are wearing assless chaps to an afternoon event.”

    And they would say, “Yes, exactly: the person wearing assless chaps is telling you that your scarf is too much.”

    And then I would try to slink away, but everyone would be staring at THAT SCARF.

    And that is the story behind the two cakes of Kauni rainbow yarn.

    17 comments to That Rainbow Yarn

    • I’m really glad that I read this alone, because it literally made me laugh out loud!

    • There is an easier method of double knitting that is knit with k1p1 ribbing, with k1 being one side of the scarf and p1 being the knit side of the other. Jill Draper taught the technique in a class for the Sprout Cowl. This isn’t as annoying as trying to slip stitches and things like that.

    • Your imaginary conversation is so much better than most of the ones I have. And now I have a new way of describing how long my tasks at work will take…”All the hours.” Love it!

    • moiraeknittoo

      There’s always Revontuli? I may not have spelled that right. I never do. It could also have been the distracting image of assless chaps. 😀

    • Erika

      Revontuli IS in the running, it’s true!

    • two silver cats

      “…but the scarf goes so well with your assless chaps!”


    • two silver cats


    • You just need the right pattern. How about this one?
      That pattern has been in my faves since roughly day 1 of Ravelry. Will I every knit it? Who knows? But I love going back to look at it periodically to remind myself of what is possible.

      Love the internal conversation, especially the assless chaps!

      Oh, and I FINALLY remembered to put my new email address in the blank.

    • Georg is right, in double knitting you knit the side that’s facing you and purl the other side while occasionally switching colours to make a flat, reversible fabric.

      If you want a rainbow stripy scarf, Jared Flood has a free one that sounds like what you’re describing but in a 2×2 rib that looks like the knit side of stockingette on both sides.

    • I did double knitting once, by accident. I don’t know how it turned out so well, since I had NO CLUE what I was doing, why I was doing it, or even what it was called. And, yes, it took all the hours. Some tears, too.

    • I do the knit-purl-simultaneous thing with my double knitting. Much easier once you wrap your brain around it. Chanting is involved – green-black, black-green, etc – to keep track of the pairs. It’s a busy little world inside my head…

    • Oh, and dammit, my Rav library just got fatter.

      I thought the Rainbow Scarf would be perfect. Maybe I need some assless chaps…

    • Melissa

      All the hours! I use the “all the things” phrase too much and my husband is ready to hang himself whenever it starts to leave my mouth :O And this is the little picture that set me off this time lol

      And I think anything you make with that yarn would be AWESOME! It has so much pizazz that it flies past obnoxious and right back into neat again.

    • Hyperbole and a Half is hilarious.

      But….but….at the end of all the hours it would be so lovely!

    • How is that possibly too much rainbow? There’s no such thing as too much rainbow. Rainbow is the best color. In fact, I believe a two-color brioche scarf would be a DOUBLE COMPLETE RAINBOW. WHOA. What does it mean?

    • Erika

      Ahahaha, I hadn’t even made that connection! You’re right – that’s too funny NOT to knit!

    • Go for the brioche!! You won’t regret it. It’s way more fun than double knitting and the results are even more impressive.

      btw, I’m a long time reader of your blog, but this is my first comment. (Except for the Sims) I live vicariously through your blog to fulfill my lust for a more rural, independent life. I sometimes wish I could be you. :-)

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