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    Another Reason Why I’m A Fan Of The Sims Games

    “If a girl wants to see herself represented in video games, she better get used to the idea of being the prize at the bottom of the cereal box.” – Nerds And Male Privilege


    7 comments to Another Reason Why I’m A Fan Of The Sims Games

    • Hey, glad you liked the article! And thanks for the link, I appreciate it.

    • Xeres

      And then I went and read the treatise on Twilight. FULL OF WIN.

    • I always liked playing Metroid for the same reason.

    • gabes

      Oooooo don’t get me started. I agree totally.
      Look at all the uproar over dragon age romances. And their women don’t all dress like underwear models. What a coincidence.(isabella aside)
      Shopping in the “geek” book section some guy offered me a job in his computer company based only on the fact that I was a chick in the fantasy section. Huh? my total lack of qualification is outweighed by looks?? or did my glasses fool him….of course I don’t think his eyes got up to my face.

    • Erika

      Ugh, gabes, what a creepy dude!!!

    • gabes

      If i have a superpower it is the ability to attract the creepiest, wierdest guy in the room.
      At a spa a man told me I must be a mermaid because “mermaids wear their hair like that”

      Luckily my wife can take most of them;)

    • Melissa

      “mermaids wear their hair like that” Oh my goodness HAHAHAHA!

      I attract creeps too!

      I was once approached by a a serious creeper who had to be in his 50s ( I was 20) in a music store who proceeded to corner me and tell me all about how he had invented a backpack that could carry 4 gallons of milk and some other stuff becausehe walked everywhere since he had no car and it was really inconvenient that he had to go get milk so often. Because he lived in his mom’s basement and his stepfather (who was such a jerk, always trying to get him to move out) drank all the milk.

      I really need to practice saying no but I’m always scared they’re gonna track me down because I was mean to them!

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