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Random Monday

Oh man, I’m so tired and hungry, but it’s going to be another 20 minutes before dinner is ready. That’s a good time to sit down and write a blog post, right? Pfft, coherence is overrated.

* I was winning the “chicken sleeping situation” battle, until tonight. Tonight, Dolly managed to work her way up there again. I give up.

* The Knit Picks Chroma yarn is a loosely-spun single, the kind of yarn you need a sharp needle to knit. Frustrated with my dull bamboo straights, I went online and confirmed that yes, you can just sharpen your bamboo knitting needles with sandpaper. Now: super pointy!

* We’re practically to the end of Wovember, and I kept meaning to talk about it, but I never did, and now it’s pretty much too late. Long story short: I almost never knit with yarn that isn’t at least “mostly wool” anymore. Things just don’t turn out as well if I knit them in non-wool yarn. Wool is awesome!

* You should see my stash, I have done an incredible job whittling it down, if I may say so myself.

* My dream for 2012 is to knit with nothing that isn’t either from the stash, or from a small-scale producer like Beaverslide or Green Mountain Spinnery. Not sure how realistic that is, but it’s an exciting thought at any rate!


5 comments to Random Monday

  • heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy, didn’t you already pledge to use only stash yarn?
    Maybe/maybe not. I know that I can’t fulfill this, which is pathetic since I do approx 4 items/yr currently, and bought yarn for the last one. le sigh.

    Water bottle for the chickens. squirt!!

  • Yay, go you! Can we see a picture of the stash?

  • I bought a set of 8 or 10 bamboo circs on eBay for cheap. The points on the one I used first — a US#4, iirc — were a little too blunt for whatever I was working on, so I sharpened them in a pencil sharpener, then smoothed them with an emery board. I think that qualifies me for Brenda Dayne’s MacGuyver award :-)

  • I’ve sandpapered and glossed my knitting needles with mixed results. Mostly I try to knit with the addi lace turbos I own.

    Stash down! That was my goal last year. If I ever finish anything, I’m golden. I thought that was your goal last year too?

  • seoulmama

    I hate to diss a small yarn company, but I went to Green Moutain Spinnery this summer-was shocked by how unfriendly the employees were there who came out into the (teeny tiny) store and by the rough feel of all their products. I dunno know-I was expecting a much nicer product, but perhaps you already have some that you love???