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    Sims Sunday: Babies!

    A scandalous lack of playing time this week, due to the holiday. And I didn’t even think to give my Sims a Thanksgiving by having them roast a turkey!

    Here’s a shot of Denise’s eye color.

    sims sunday

    I was hoping Bad Kitty would try to steal Cobra’s breath, but no.

    sims sunday

    The Ugliest Stray Dog In The World stopped by for a visit. Seriously, this thing is hideous.

    sims sunday

    It’s like a miniature pit bull with no neck, only half a tail, and a weirdly tucked-in rib cage. Go away, ugly dog!

    I discovered that animals have their own set of Lifetime Rewards. If your cat collects enough Lifetime Happiness points, you can trade them in for the ability to vomit on demand. YES.

    sims sunday

    “Hey guys, I think a raccoon threw up on the porch.”

    Finally it was time for Cobra to age up to toddler. The suspense!

    sims sunday


    He’s cute, don’t get me wrong. And it’s interesting how his genetics skipped a generation, because as you can see he inherited his eye and hair color from his paternal grandmother Felicia. But it does me NO GOOD.

    Good thing I had hedged my bets by getting Denise knocked up while Cobra was still a baby. Not long after he grew up, she went into labor.

    sims sunday

    And it’s… TRIPLETS.

    sims sunday

    There’s a baby girl (Cinnamon) in the crib, a baby boy (Cal) in her arms, and another baby boy (Clyde Frog) on the floor. Oh, and useless Cobra, too.

    This was pretty tough. It meant juggling three babies, a toddler, an antisocial cat who kept getting lonely, and a solo unicorn in the back yard.

    sims sunday

    And… I failed. After Bad Kitty had been lonely for too long, I received a notification that “the government” was coming to repo my pets. Sob!!!

    sims sunday

    Nice helmet. Jerk.

    sims sunday

    At least they let us keep the gnomes. (Where are they all coming from? I seriously have no idea how we got all those horse gnomes.)

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