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    Did you know?

    Brady and Kimble never snuggle. Never ever ever.

    sometimes they surprise you


    Actually, my guess is that Kimble did his usual passive-aggressive move, which is to claim Brady’s spot by sitting on Brady until Brady gets up and leaves. But Brady was too lazy to do so. So it’s really only snuggling by default.

    Still cute, though.

    6 comments to Did you know?

    • Karen

      Or maybe it’s because of our screwy (cold) weather. argh. Got your wood stove fired up lately (this summer!)?

      My cats didn’t start sleeping together for years. Maybe it’s a trend. I love kitties that pig pile.

    • I have five cats. The two brothers will bookend each other on the back of the easy chair. The black one will snuggle with anything. The two oranges (a stripe and a bi-color) refuse to admit to snuggling. They never do it in front of me. But if I go past the window from the outside and look in, sometimes I’ll catch them curled up together! Closeted, aren’t they? 😉

    • Jennifer

      Pure warm fuzzy.

    • Some call it passive aggressive dominance territorial issues while others call it snuggling. Snuggling works for me.

      Screwy cold weather? Jealous! It’s 107 here. Yuck-o.

    • Northmoon

      Lovely snuggle cats!

      By default or not, they may decide they like it, especially as the weather gets colder!

    • Lori

      cute kittehs!

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