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    Wonders Never Cease

    Finally, after all this time, I bought AAA batteries. I happened to call my father while I was driving to the grocery store, and he reminded me to buy them at the end of the call.

    Turns out you can be almost 40 years old, and your dad will still have to remind you to buy stuff at the store. Somewhat humiliating. But also: obviously necessary.

    It was most suspenseful, waiting for them to be charged so that I could see if they would make my little scale work again. And they did, so I guess it was just a problem with the old batteries.

    digital yarn scale

    It’s such a valuable knitting tool. I mean, it definitely ranks behind my swift and my ball-winder. But look! What seemed like a full ball of Reynolds Whiskey turns out to be only 34 grams.

    What a disappointment it would have been, to try and knit another Koolhaas hat out of the remaining yarn, only to fall so far short. Disappointment: averted.

    In other news, the astute reader will note that the spice rack is gone. I gave up and put the spices in my kitchen cabinet.

    The spice rack was awfully handy. But there is only one place it will fit: above the stove. And I have since learned that you should never store spices there, because the heat from the stove is bad for them. Also, reaching across a hot stove for a spice is not always a great idea.

    It’s not great to have a big jumble of spice jars in the cabinet. But at least I have my little countertop back.

    7 comments to Wonders Never Cease

    • M.E.

      What about one of those nifty magnetic strip things that you put on the back of the cabinet door like Alton Brown does? Probably would mean buying new spice containers, but I can relate about the jumble of spice jars… Not fun. (My spices currently reside on top of the refrigerator, waiting to be periodically knocked down by the cats and collecting dust.)

    • My spices grew out of my spice rack long ago. Now they live in three places – on the counter next to the stove, on the middle shelf of the baker’s rack, and the top of the baker’s rack. Positions have nothing to do with any system of organization – everything just sits where I first set it down. As long as I put it back where I found it, I can always find it again next time…

    • be on the lookout for simple shelves at thrift stores. I think I got ours for like $10 at a container store, and it’s handy, but I’ve seen about the same at thrifts.

    • I need to give up more often! Do you have a box they’ll fit in? Then you can corral them in the cupboard. I have my mocha ingredients in a rectangular plastic storage box sans lid that just fits everything. Easy to put away (if it ever is!) with one motion.

      Congrats on the batteries!

    • Jennifer

      I keep my spices in the cabinet arranged on a two-tier lazy susan rack. Spin for your cumin! Got the idea from my mom.

      Something like this one:

    • I weigh ingredients but I haven’t weighed yarn. That’s a much better method.

      Our spices are in a pullout drawer especially created for them. They’re also “alphabetical”.

    • I’m with Jennifer. Many of my cupboards are inhabited by one- and two-tier Rubbermaid turntables. They fit perfectly in 12′”deep upper cabinets. And how did you survive without your scale? I use mine more than I ever thought I would.

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