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    How Much Yarn?

    I started the Koolhaas project because I had two skeins of Reynolds Whiskey that I wanted to use. Several people on Ravelry had knit Koolhaas with two strands of Whiskey held together. I was surprised at how much yarn was left over.

    Reynolds Whiskey

    How much? I don’t know. I still haven’t bought a fresh pair of AAA batteries to try in my digital yarn scale. Because I fail at grocery shopping.

    Reynolds Whiskey

    All I can say is, “Kind of a lot.” Maybe an entire skein’s worth.

    And is it just me, or do rechargeable AAAs fail faster than rechargeable AAs? I have rechargeable AAs that have been used ten times more than those stupid AAAs, but they are still going strong!

    4 comments to How Much Yarn?

    • Apparently, it has something to do with how often you charge them. I have a pair of rechargable AA’s that I didn’t charge for almost a year, and now they barely hold a charge at all :(

    • I also fail at grocery shopping…was going to drink milk with dinner, realized there was only enough for cereal tomorrow morning. My day tomorrow is so long I don’t have time for a grocery trip.

      The realization of that, after the day I’ve had, wound up with me sitting on the kitchen floor and crying.

      It’s not a good week right now.

      And I really wish there was grocery delivery in my town.

    • Debi

      They definately fail faster, I have contemplated buying a 2nd set so some are always charged.

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