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    Winter Wins Again

    Now that we have gone through the time change, it starts getting dark at about 4:30PM. Did I remember to take pictures before it got dark? No I did not. This has been one of those harried, exhausting, “popcorn for dinner” sorts of days anyway.

    Instead, I’ll just recycle the picture I took for my Stash page on Ravelry. Over the weekend I started a pair of basic socks with Red Heart’s sock yarn “Heart and Sole.” (GET IT? IT’S A PUN. SEE? GET IT? HUH?)

    Red Heart sock yarn

    It’s always nice to have a basic sock knitting project to work on. For when you want to knit, but you don’t actually want to pay attention.

    5 comments to Winter Wins Again

    • Those will be colorful socks, perfect for a gray winter day.

    • Slager

      Oh, phew –– I thought this post was going to be about snow.

      (My neck of the woods, for the record, is expecting its first winter storm of the season tomorrow night. Ugghhh)

    • Red Heart has wool? Hunh.

      I’d almost forgotten what a pain in the butt it is to do chores in the dark. How long till Spring?

    • The page didn’t load the first time I clicked through – so it was a lovely title – “Winter Wins Again” – and a white page. (It would’ve been clever if that had been it, but I’d much rather see pretty yarn pictures.)

    • Oo, what pretty colors. Can’t wait to see the socks when they’re finished! Although didn’t you say like.. four days ago or so that you were sick of making socks? I’m not complaining though, I’m excited to see how they come out!

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