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Clarification, And Finished Socks

Hello, new friends! I wanted to clarify something, since I know that Twitter’s syntax can sometimes be hard to unravel.

The Star Trek Quiet Book isn’t mine – it is the creation of an incredibly talented blogger named Julie. (It’s amazing, right? Have you seen it? Check that thing out!)

I’m a knitter and a Star Trek fan (the “redshirt” bit is entirely intentional), but – alas – I lack the talent and sewing skills to make something that great. I’m just the one who Tweeted it and pinged LeVar Burton with an @mention.

When he re-Tweeted it I got a flood of traffic (HELLO everyone and EEEEEE LEVAR BURTON!!!!) and I think a lot of people misunderstood and thought that I had made the Star Trek thing.

I didn’t, but if you like knitting and geeky things, welcome!

Stripey Socks III

Anyway, yeah, so I finished those socks and OH WHO CARES – LEVAR BURTON EEEEEEEE!!!

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