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    Welcome to November!

    First of all, I doff my hat to those of you tackling NaNoWriMo this year. I did it three years ago, and it literally changed the course of my life. NO PRESSURE.

    Oh and that reminds me that I read Rachael’s non-fiction memoir A Life in Stitches a while back, and forgot to pimp it here! For shame.

    I loved it. I’m kind of a connoisseur of memoirs, and it’s one of the best I have read. Definitely the best knitting memoir.

    As you might know, I have this insane thing about tallying my yarn stash. I freely admit that it is insane. It’s more like accounting than “tracking yarn.” It leads me to think things like, “Okay, if I finish the second sock tonight, I will let myself put the yardage on October’s tally.”


    stripey socks

    But really, though… after knitting three pairs of virtually identical socks back-to-back, I am tired of knitting socks. Ready to be finished with these.

    4 comments to Welcome to November!

    • moiraeknittoo

      I see some pairs of Toast in my future, because all the fingerless mitts I make for myself have a crappy fit. Hopefully that’ll eat up a bit of yardage for me, though truthfully? SO MUCH YARN.

    • Faye

      NaNoWriMo is the best thing I ever did. I will probably never be published, but I found my story a few years ago, and that’s enough for me.

      You know the old saying, ‘everyone has at least one novel in them’? I may be paraphrasing, but I always wondered what mine was. Turns out, time travel.

      Eighth year running! Mad science this year, should be interesting. (I really need to get myself a blog.)

    • Slager

      Oh, Nano. This is my eighth year, too. November, as a whole, always seems to have a mysterious, mystical glow about it because of Nanowrimo.

      Also, I wish I had the patience to keep track of all the yarn I have. It would make Christmas knitting a whole lot easier.

    • Wow! I just heard about NaNoWriMo for the first time about a week ago, so I keep being amazed when I see people I’ve been following for a long time talking about it. Gives me a better idea of just how OBLIVIOUS I’ve been. But yes, I started my novel a week ago tomorrow and just passed 7k last night. It was very exciting, and makes me wonder if I wouldn’t get a lot more done if I just set word goals for everything in life. Certainly I would end up answering e-mails faster.

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