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    Sims Sunday: Jumping Doom

    It’s a good thing that Sims in this game are better at taking care of themselves than they were in Sims 2. Otherwise I’m sure I would have had a death by now, because I completely neglected my people Sims in favor of the horsie Sims this week.

    Before we begin, my nomination for the Worst Townie Outfit:

    sims sunday

    And on a vampire, too! You would think the immortal would know better than to wear a sweater like… that. Even Bacon seems to be taken aback.

    Bacon and Indigo continue to socialize, but their relationship score was building very slowly.

    sims sunday

    “I don’t like cats.”

    “I like hawks!”

    Frustrated with how slow the process was going, I gave up and took Bacon to the Equestrian Center to be bred. I picked a stallion named Cascade who seemed to have the best traits. (You get to pick from eight stallions. They all seemed pretty much the same, so I chose the one that was most expensive to breed.)

    A pregnant horse can’t be ridden, and it can’t jump on its own. How boring. I whiled away the pregnancy by sending Butters out to look for wild horses. We found some, but it didn’t go well.

    sims sunday

    While we were out, I spotted a deer. Hilarious! I took some video.

    Eventually, the baby was born. The game offered the name “Gaucho” and I stuck with it, because it’s cute. He’s our little cowboy!

    sims sunday

    Thankfully he seems to have inherited his father’s head. Instead of his mother’s awkward combination of “unusually long neck” and “unusually tiny head.”

    Everybody loves little Gaucho!

    sims sunday

    Actually he has trouble getting enough sleep, because everyone keeps coming over to pet and play with him. Eventually I had to resort to shooing everyone out and locking the barn door for everyone, so that he and Bacon could get some rest.

    sims sunday

    Gaucho: “I’m adorable!”

    Back in the saddle, Bacon is gaining Jumping skill quickly. It felt like a real accomplishment when I got her to jump through the Ring of Fire.

    sims sunday

    Later, I got her to jump over the Pyrotechnic Gate, too!

    sims sunday

    Only problem being that Butters caught on fire. Luckily the neighbor rushed over and put him out.

    sims sunday

    Later that afternoon, Butters achieved Level 10 Horsemanship. Even a scorching can’t diminish his excitement!

    sims sunday

    Five days after being born, Gaucho grew into a handsome adult horse.

    sims sunday

    He inherited Jumping skill from his parents, and starts out at Jumping level 4. Convenient!

    Sim horses have the same sorts of idiotic problems as Sim people. Like getting “trapped” by a very short object that you can actually walk around, even if you for some reason can’t step over it.

    sims sunday

    And I continue to see stupid graphic glitches. Like the time Gaucho decided to walk through the gate. Literally.

    sims sunday

    And it seems like every time I turn around, the horses are wearing their bridles again for no good reason. Luckily they don’t seem to mind, but I still find it annoying.

    sims sunday

    Gaucho: “I’m a horsie, yayyy!”

    9 comments to Sims Sunday: Jumping Doom

    • gabes

      This reminds me of when I was little and was all


      No matter how old you get some little girl inside you loves ponies.

    • Erika

      SO MUCH YES.

      Although Breyer horses in my case. (I still have a few.) Same thing, though!

    • I’m still wondering about Indigo’s fascination with hawks. Oats, I get. Hawks?
      Maybe Butters should invest in some flame-proof riding gear. Just cuz.

    • two silver cats

      So this is what I was wondering… I wonder if the cat on the townie vampire’s shirt wishes it could be as cool as the cat on Butters’s shirt. And can you get that awesome shirt back now that he’s immolated it???

    • If your new horse gets branded are the Gaucho marks? (*ducks*)

    • Sims Sunday is my favorite!

    • Mrs.Doom

      Totally off topic…

      I just had kids in my game, and usually they are all boys or all girls. I totally just had triplets that were one girl and two boys! I was so surprised I almost choked on my green tea!

      Also I love, love, love reading your blog!

    • Erika

      Triplets!!! I’m so jealous, I have yet to get triplets in this game! I have even tried, by having both parents get the Fertility Treatment, listen to the kids station, etc.

      Congratulations, and yikes, and thanks!

    • I LOVE the horses! And I was totally into Breyer horses when I was younger, too. I had about six and a little wooden stable for them. I still remember putting them out in the back yard so they could “graze.” OH CHILDHOOD.

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