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    Busy day!

    Today I had the brakes (front and rear) fixed on the Dadmobile. I look forward to these car repair days, because it’s like a mini-vacation. Ten full hours with no responsibilities, and nothing in particular to do.

    The only down side is that I have to get showered and dressed and leave the house at like 7:30AM. How did I survive all those years? That’s HORRIBLE.

    The only local shop that specializes in Saabs is conveniently located a very long walk from a sprawling cluster of shops. This time, I hoofed it all the way to the Cascade Mall.

    I have lived here for two years and never been to the mall. Having spent three hours there today, I can see why. The Cascade Mall features over 70 shops selling things that do not interest me. For example, it contains an exceptionally weak bookstore (Borders Express). It also has a locally-owned coffee shop, where I purchased the worst americano I have ever had. No lie, I had to throw it away after 3 sips.

    I spent most of that time camped out in the food court, working on my latest pair of Wintersox. Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera, because I am a terrible blogger. I’ve finished the first sock, and started on the second. The old men sitting at the table next to me were visibly impressed by the whole “knitting socks on DPNs” thing.

    Then I went and saw the noontime showing of Batman. Loved it! Loved. It. Also, very impressive the way Batman always manages to punch the bad guys right in the sub woofer. I kept thinking how much Hank would have liked it.

    Finally, I worked my way down the road to the Michael’s craft store. Purchased the new issue of Interweave Knits. Later, discovered that due to a cutting error, every single page was still attached at the top. Spent a solid 15 minutes splitting the pages with a #3 needle. Seriously, their printing/subscription QA is the worst. Good stuff in there, though, which is why I keep buying it.

    And finally, home! My feet were killing me. I was very careful to take ibuprofen this time, instead of multivitamins.

    A question, my dear readers: if you have ever assembled a flat-pack bookshelf or cabinet, you will have attached a sheet of “stuff” to the back. This “stuff” is like very thick cardboard, made of pressed fibers.

    What is this stuff called? And where could I buy some (without a veneer on one side), were I so inclined?

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    • Kate

      fiberboard? or particle board?

    • Karen

      Particleboard or chipboard? (chipboard is used a lot in art projects.) (sometimes called paperboard too.) You might find it at hardware stores but art stores carry some kinds of it. (Dick Blick has it… JoAnn’s might too.) If you want smaller pieces of it for artwork, ebay and etsy sellers probably have it.

    • Rosa

      Some knock down shelving uses what is called “hard board”. It comes in 4’x8′ sheets, and in 1/8″ or 1/4″ thick. It is sold in hardware stores. It usually has one smooth side and one textured side.

    • It’s some kind of chipboard/pressed board

      I had a very bad experience with a really cheap (think Office Supply Big-box store) bookcase that had that…it had some kind of compound in it (formaldehyde, maybe) that set off my asthma and chemical sensitivities horribly. I had to set it out in the breezeway for a day before I could even be near it.

    • If it’s the same bookcase as what you linked to? IKEA calls it fiberboard. I’d start with their cust. service… If that has already failed, home despot, lowes, etc. will have something similar in furniture-sized pieces, or should. Art stores will carry something smaller and harder and charge you 3xs as much.

    • Judy

      It may be MDF (medium-density fiberboard preferred by diy’s Trading Spaces, etc) or masonite which is as Rosa mentioned above, smooth on one side and textured on the other. Either one is still inexpensive. What will the purpose be? Now I’m all curious!

    • Judy

      Oh, and Home Depot or Lowe’s will have it, possibly in sheets smaller than 4′ by 8′

    • Erika

      Rosa, I think you might be right about “hardboard.” Wikipedia says that it’s what they use for peg board, and peg board (sans holes) is what this stuff most closely resembles.

      You guys are the best!

      I’m slowly moving towards getting back into bookbinding. I had dallied with it several years ago, and enjoyed it, but dropped the hobby when I moved and never picked it up again.

      The challenge of course is to find affordable, easily-available materials. Sure you can buy the stuff from bookbinding supply stores, but they cost a FORTUNE.

    • Our car repair places are far away from any resemblance of a mall also. I am willing to hoof it to the craft store as the smell of all the new tires makes me sick. :)

    • Patti

      I LOVED the Batman movie. I saw it at Cinerama, all BIG and LOUD, just like FSM intended. :)

    • Brooke

      I’ve bought it from Home Depot and Lowe’s. They cut it for me both times. I think they are supposed to charge a little after 3 cuts, but usually don’t.

    • Karen

      Re: the bookbinding… how about using something recycled? You could get creative. Especially if you were going to cover it… or even if not. (and then you could call it “green” too. haha)

    • No clue but you’re in a DIY phase, aren’t you? Good thing you’ve discerned the diff between multivitamins and ibuprofen. And survived.

      I feel your pain on your early rising! No one but us truly sympathizes, I’ve discovered.

    • Keep your camera in your purse/tote/knitting bag. Then you are always prepared to record the memorable sights you encounter.

    • TMK

      Hardboard or there’s another similar product called MDF.

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