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    Two Random Notes

    1. I recently switched the cats to Nutro MAX Cat kibble. (I like to change their food every six months or so.) Here is the string of thoughts that I had, the first time I opened the bag:

    “That’s a weird kibble shape. Are those bells? No, wait, they are kitty faces. Cute! No, wait, that is cannibalism. And the hole in the middle of each face is creepy.”

    nutro cat kibbles

    Of course, cat food is primarily designed for people, not cats. You can tell, because cat food comes in flavors like Beef and Salmon, and not flavors like Mouse and Rubber Band.

    2. Look at the ad I ripped out of a magazine and scanned for you! I didn’t know you could put sequins on knitting!

    Coldwater Creek knitting ad

    (Click to see the full-size version, you can’t really see the sequins in this smaller size.)

    13 comments to Two Random Notes

    • Franz

      Not that I’m a knitter, but clicking the photo just takes me back to this blog page.

    • Otter

      My first thought was that they were tiny fishies. I couldn’t get the picture to embiggen either.

    • Erika

      Whoops! Fixed now, thanks!

    • That’s strange- we use the Nutro Max dog food, and it’s just little circle things with holes in the middle. Maybe dogs are just less cannibalistic that cats??? Something to ponder…

    • Slager

      Oh, you can put sequins on knitting. Looks like the took the cheater’s way out though and just sewed them on instead of knitting them in like beads.

      I think we should Bedazzle all our future sweaters.

    • Mich

      Not only can you add the sequins, but there’s yarn with it already threaded in!

      Though I imagine adding sequins in on the adding beads threshold of tedium, not neccessarily the actual putting them on the knitting, but just getting on picked up to even put there in the first place!

    • heh heh both me and teh hubs enjoyed your comment on #1. In fact, I quoted you for my FB status :)
      D/teh hubs added: “nor do they make it in plastic bags or bottle tops”

      Bedazzling scares me.

    • I think you are only allowed to add sequins if you knit sideways cables. It is written somewhere.

    • Heidi

      Maybe they’re actually mouse faces, which is still gross but not quite as bad…

    • I am cracking up about cat-designed cat food. Cracking up!!

    • Hez would totally eat mouse and rubber band. As it is, she despises chicken.

    • two silver cats

      Zeekie would prefer a delicate strawberry or lemon-flavored kitty food (as those are her favorite flavors of popsicles–which she will only eat with her shifty-eyed “I’m only licking these if you don’t look at me” expression). Julian, on the other hand, would prefer a robust plastic shopping bag/cellophane flavor with overtones of white bread and a generous helping of dryer sheet, with a piquant aftertaste of cantaloupes.

    • Sara

      DH and I concluded that they MUST be mouse-shaped. You can tell they’re mice because the ears are rounded, not pointy. Of course, they might be bears, which would doubtless fulfill LOTS of kitty fantasies.

      Eleanor and Melvin want a sparkle-ball flavor (SPARKABALL!!!), and Eleanor wants Anything flavor. Paper, scissors, rock, string, hair, apple, peanut butter … whatever i’m eating is The Best Fud!!!

      Melvin restricts himself to cat-food flavor, although tunafish and freeze-dried salmon treats are acceptable in a pinch. Oh, and foil-ball flavor.

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