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    Negative Knitting

    I had almost finished knitting the first Stripey Sock III when I finally had to admit to myself that I hated it. These two colors, pink and green, looked great when the skeins were sitting side-by-side. But somehow when I put the colors together in stripes, it looked just awful.

    Time to pour a glass of wine to numb the sting and break out the ball winder. Those are great for ripping back a big project, if you didn’t know! I usually start by sticking my fingers into the center of the cake, and winding from the outer (free) end.

    By the time you have re-wound the cake and reached the knitting part, you’re hypnotized by the ball winder magic. It only takes a few quick seconds to rip back 15 hours of sock knitting. It’s like taking off a bandage: the quicker, the better.

    stripey socks III

    I’m liking this version much better! If I had thought of it, I would have done contrasting toe and heel, too. (But I’m not annoyed enough by that oversight to rip it back again.)

    Oh and if you haven’t heard, tiny penguins need sweaters! I was planning to knit one this weekend but I have to work a bunch instead.

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