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I… What?

For the last 24 hours, I’ve spent more time asleep than awake. I’m pretty sure about that. It’s kind of hard to count. A lot, though, for sure.

As a result, everything seems a little too bright and confusing. Luckily I have something to fall back on, here: a few weekends ago my friends Dorothy and Franz came up to visit. And when he read that I had failed at getting puppy pictures for the blog last week, Franz sent me some of the pictures he took so that I could use them on the blog!

puppy pics

Disclaimer: I resized and cropped these. He probably would have done a better job, being a lot better at photography than I am.

puppy pics

Puppy time is nearing an end. The first one will go to her new home today. The others, over the next few days.

puppy pics

There might be another litter next spring, though!

puppy pics

Leaving this winter for rest and recovery.

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