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    Spidey Update

    I have been such a terrible blogger this week! I didn’t even manage to take any puppy pictures today.

    They are very BIG, about 12 pounds apiece, and will start going to their new homes next week. Maybe I will remember to take some pictures on Friday, which is the next time I will be going over to care for them.

    Today I really threw them off. One of them barked at me, Ruff! And I barked back, Ruff! All three of them stared at me wide-eyed. Then the boldest one barked again, and I barked back, and soon we were all barking at each other, and they clearly thought it was HILARIOUS.

    Note to their future parents: Sorry!

    I am also criminally behind in my email. But for those wondering how to treat a house plant which is suffering from a slow death by water softener, Angela had the same idea I did, which was that the soil should be replaced.

    spidey slowly recovers

    Last Friday I took it out of the pot, shook as much dirt as I could off the root ball, then refilled the pot with completely new dirt. I then cut off the withered bits so that it would look less pitiful, and the withering hasn’t progressed. Spidey seems to be stabilized, if not quite recovering yet.

    Also pictured: that damned spice rack. You guys should start a pool on how long it will take me to hang it back up.

    7 comments to Spidey Update

    • Woohoo! I’m gonna start the pool off at 2 weeks from the date of this post. Pool buy in is set at…. ELEVENTY-FIVE BAZILLION DOLLARS.

      Do not fail me, Erika!

    • Jennifer

      Hrm. I bet three weeks from post date, so that’s…November 2nd. I bet the warm glow of victory. Who’s got cash these days?

      Try not to do anything else drastic to your spider plant for a while lest you kill it for good. They have to rest up and recover from major repottings. Good luck! It looks good so far.

    • Why hang it up if a. cats will knock it down again, and b. it’s so convenient where it is?

    • So, how’s it doing? Can you tell yet?


    • Erika

      It’s… not so great. All the old leaves are still withering. There is one new leaf, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it comes in nicely. If it starts withering too, I think I will just give up and throw the whole thing in the compost.

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