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    Spidey Update

    I have been such a terrible blogger this week! I didn’t even manage to take any puppy pictures today.

    They are very BIG, about 12 pounds apiece, and will start going to their new homes next week. Maybe I will remember to take some pictures on Friday, which is the next time I will be going over to care for them.

    Today I really threw them off. One of them barked at me, Ruff! And I barked back, Ruff! All three of them stared at me wide-eyed. Then the boldest one barked again, and I barked back, and soon we were all barking at each other, and they clearly thought it was HILARIOUS.

    Note to their future parents: Sorry!

    I am also criminally behind in my email. But for those wondering how to treat a house plant which is suffering from a slow death by water softener, Angela had the same idea I did, which was that the soil should be replaced.

    spidey slowly recovers

    Last Friday I took it out of the pot, shook as much dirt as I could off the root ball, then refilled the pot with completely new dirt. I then cut off the withered bits so that it would look less pitiful, and the withering hasn’t progressed. Spidey seems to be stabilized, if not quite recovering yet.

    Also pictured: that damned spice rack. You guys should start a pool on how long it will take me to hang it back up.

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