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    Stripey Socks II: Complete

    I have mixed feelings about this pair. I love the color combo, and I love the fatter, 4-round stripes. Not as fond of the K3P1 ribbing that I tried out, though.

    stripey socks

    I’m also a little vexed by the Koigu KPPM put-up. Once again, I had only just enough to finish knitting the socks (but plenty of the PIIIIIIIINK Aslan Trends Santa Fe sock yarn left over).

    leftover koigu

    I wish I could have weighed the Koigu sock yarn skeins before I used them, to see if they were a little short.

    Alas, I’m having troubles with my digital crack yarn scale. No matter how many times I recharge the AAA batteries, it always turns on, says “BATT LO” and then turns off.

    Not sure if that’s a problem with the scale or the batteries. I keep forgetting to buy more AAA batteries to test it out.

    6 comments to Stripey Socks II: Complete

    • I see what you mean about the k3, p1 ribbing- it looks a little scallop-y.

    • We have problems in my teaching lab with one of the scales always acting as if its batteries are bad. It could be the scale.

      Probably not what you wanted to hear.

    • Beth in STL

      I call the K3P1 ribbing “stealth ribbing”. It’s not as stretchy, but it doesn’t disrupt self-patterning yarn too much. Trade-offs…

      Very pretty, very bright socks. I wish I was adventurous enough to try a color combination like this; they do go well together.

      I think Koigu yardage, like Colinette, is just short compared to other sock yarns. I usually have enough left over to knit either footie socks for me or regular kid socks. Not so much with the Colinette I’ve used.

    • Fun socks. According to Ravelry, Koigu PPPM is 75 yds/skein. Other sock yarns like Opal and Regia and OnLine are about 450 yds/skein, which is 100 yds more than the requisite 2 skeins of Koigu needed for a pair of socks. Colinette Jitterbug, mentioned by another commenter is 318 yd/skein — barely enough for a pair of socks.

      I think Koigu and Jitterbug and other 100% merino sock yarns are better for other things like scarves and fingerless mitts than for socks. The yarns are beautiful but don’t wear terribly well. I have a pair of Koigu socks and a pair of Jitterbug socks; both have faded terribly and gotten quite fuzzy because I refuse to hand-wash socks 😉

    • My default socks are knit with k3p1 ribbing, but I switch to 1×1 ribbing for the cuffs.
      I love the colors of yours, even though I’m not a big fan of pink. (Heelix probably would look great in that combination, too.)

    • Erika

      Oh gosh that must have been a typo! I just checked the label (which for some reason had fetched up against my desk) and it’s 175 yards per 50-gram skein. That still makes it a lot thicker than say Opal (475 yards/100 gram skein, or 237 yards per 50 grams).

      But still, the expectation is that you can make a pretty good-sized single sock out of any given 50 grams of sock yarn. Which is not quite the case with Koigu, pretty and smooshy as it is!

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