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    I had a good laugh when I went to the post office today. I had an envelope from the Skagit County Fairgrounds, which puzzled me. I opened it up and found that it contained: a check! For my winnings! From the county fair!

    Skagit County Fair

    First of all, I didn’t realize that there was a cash prize for the red ribbon premium. The lady didn’t say anything about it when I picked up my entry. (Last year I won the princely sum of $7 for a blue ribbon and a red ribbon!)

    Second of all, the darned stamp cost them 42 cents! Mailing someone a check for $1 really is the height of silliness. But I guess I have to applaud their effort.

    Third, it reminds me that I never did follow up on my fair entry here. That is because the results confused me.

    My Selbuvotter mittens won a red ribbon, Second Place. I get that part. But they also won a rosette (which is better than a ribbon) which is white (I don’t know what that means) for “Reserve Best In Class” (which I also don’t understand). And as a secondary matter, I don’t understand how one item can win two awards for the same class (i.e. not for the class and then for the show – just twice for the class).

    It’s pretty, though! I still haven’t figured out what to do with them. They’re sitting on top of one of my shelves of knitting books.

    In other news, I have fallen criminally behind in my email. Apologies!

    5 comments to Winnings!

    • KKusel

      Here at the Spokane Fair I’ve won a blue ribbon plus a special award (can’t remember the exact term) which is for work above and beyond the rest of the class. But if you got a second place, how can they give a ‘above and beyond’ too? It is a little wierd.

      The year that I won (my first entry) I dreamed of all the yarn I was going to buy and I was so disapointed when I got the check for $2.25. From then on, I just donate the $$ back to the fair (there’s an option for that on the entry form). It costs more to write the check, have someone on staff to hand them out and/or mail them.

      The whole thing was a bit odd…. :)K

    • WOOHOO! A whole dollar! I hope you took that straight to the bank (although maybe not Bank of America..)

    • Erika

      I know, right? Now I can get that Sunday paper I’ve been saving up for!

    • klaus

      One year, I got a gift certificate for a business that was no longer doing business by the time I thought to use it. Now I just get the satisfaction of a job well done. Which, I gotta say, is pretty much the only reason to enter stuff in the fair in the first place. Once when I was a kid I won a modem!

    • Watch out that the winnings don’t go to your head. We’ve all heard horror stories of big winners going on spending binges…
      How does your fair award ribbons – by relative rank or on a points system? I’ve entered competitions using a points system, where there wasn’t necessarily a blue ribbon winner at all. Often the red was the winner of the class because it had the most points; it just didn’t have enough points to earn a blue.

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