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    Knit Sock Mock Seam

    If you say those words enough, they turn into gibberish. Neat trick!

    Anyway, here’s where I carried the yarn while knitting the first sock. On the foot, I placed the “seam” on the sole, so it wouldn’t be visible.

    stripey sock II

    I didn’t bother to de-jog the stripes, even though saying that out loud in a room full of knitters is guaranteed to make at least one grind their teeth. But it’s true: I don’t care about stripe jogs. How freeing it is to say it out loud! I don’t care about stripe jogs!

    One reason these two colors go so well together is that even though they are so vibrantly opposed, the color value is nearly the same. Value is the color’s lightness or darkness.

    You can see how it works when you take out all the color, leaving only the values behind.

    stripey sock II

    In a black and white picture, they are nearly identical shades of gray.

    9 comments to Knit Sock Mock Seam

    • Elaine

      Knit Sock Mock Seam is the name of my Klingon cover band.

    • Erika

      Knit Sock Mock Seam, this Friday night at the Tractor! Featuring Elaine on chuS’ugh!

    • How do you carry the yarn up the back without it showing through? I’m cheating on my current pair of stripey socks and just running it up the back in longish floats, but it doesn’t look nearly as nice :(

    • Erika

      Oh I meant to talk about that!

      Instead of just carrying it straight up the back, I flip it back and forth each round. Sometimes it peeks through a little bit, which is why I put the mock seam on the foot. Up the leg, I put it in the gutter in between a purl and a knit stitch, because you’ll never see it there.

    • I don’t care about the strip jog, either! So there.

      I do the same thing carrying yarn up the side; just twist when they meet and carry on.

    • I don’t care much about stripe jogs, either, particularly on socks. Why fritz out about something that’s just going to be shoved into a shoe?
      Nice mock seam!

    • Mich

      I don’t worry about jogs with stripes on stuff I knit for myself/charity. In fact I think there’s only one striped thing I ever knit that I bothered to dejog but I was trying to match a hat seen on tv (that I later learned was a handknit and had jogs in it!)

      Also, love how that value worked out, that’s awesome!

    • I cannot BELIEVE you don’t care about stripe jog. I will never be able to think of you in the same way again. /dramatic sob

    • And oooh! Too cool trick with the black & white photo.

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