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    Sock Knitting ‘N Flan

    Gings’ suggestion of “Electric Flamingo” (sorry!!!) CarrieK’s suggestion of “Electric Flamingo” seems to suit this sock yarn the best.

    stripey socks

    So tropical! So preppy!

    As part of my ongoing efforts to “do other stuff with eggs,” today I tried my hand at flan. It actually went pretty well – which is rare for me, for the first time through a recipe.

    It cracked when I flipped it out on the plate, though. Oh well.

    an abundance of flan

    Next time I would halve the recipe. Because dang, that is a lot of flan!

    9 comments to Sock Knitting ‘N Flan

    • Speaking of electric flamingos, I saw a young woman in the skyway today wearing bright purple dress, matching purple tights, a jade green blazer, jade green flats, and brimmed jade green hat with a purple band. Based on her fashion choices I’m pretty sure she was mentally ill.

    • I think kmkat’s young woman is actually just a Sims escapee…

    • Calcetera

      The flan close-up is fun. I can imagine it being ginormous.

    • Kaitlin

      Thanks for the flan recipe– I had a scarring childhood experience in which my mother ‘helped’ me make flan for extra credit in Spanish class, and it took her hours and hours and no one in the class ate any of it. I still feel a little guilty about that… maybe now I can make her some flan to make up for it. Or maybe she never wants to see flan again. Either way, there will be flan for me!

      Also, random question: are you still buying knitting books? I loved reading your reviews– they were actually helpful in deciding whether to buy the book. (It seems like most knitting reviews out there try reeeally hard to focus on the positives, which makes it difficult to tell if a book is actually worth buying.)

    • oh wow…robbed of my chance at internet glory.

      check your comments again; i suggested electric flamingo first :).

    • Erika

      Gings, I’m so sorry! I’m really exhausted this week. I have updated the post, thanks for letting me know!

      Kaitlin, Gosh, hours? That must have been a hell of a recipe! It only took me about 15 minutes of prep time, and most of that was me washing dishes while waiting for the sugar to caramelize!

      Thanks for your kind words about the book reviews! I actually haven’t bought a knitting book in years. Not since I figured out that the limiting factor isn’t yarn, or knitting books, or knitting patterns, but time! (Also since I looked at my bookshelves and realized how few patterns I had knit out of all those books I had bought!)

      And Gayle, I AGREE!!!

    • Brittany Lynn

      Sounds like a pretty fun outfit to me XD but even I probably wouldn’t leave the house in it…

    • NJ

      Thank you for the pictiures of the little bat. How adorable!!! Is it as soft as it appears to be?

    • Darn! Foiled and yet so close to taking credit for someone else’s cool idea. I think I seconded it though. I could be wrong. It’s been a long week.

      I did see PUPPIES in the next post! PUPPIES!

      My Dad made flan once for my mother and I. It was really good. He was quite the dessert maker but he did it on the sly.

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