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    It’s… So… PINK.

    I’ve never been a big fan of pink. I don’t hate it, the way some people do. It just never did much for me. But when I walked into Apple Yarns looking for a sock yarn that would go with both the blue Koigu and the green Auracania, this Aslan Trends yarn practically leaped into my arms.

    Aslan Trends sock

    I don’t even know what you’d call this color. It’s not as orange as “salmon,” not as red as “fuchsia,” more cool than “Strawberry Quik,” and more vibrant than “shrimp.” For the Ravelry entry I just called it “PIIIIIIIIINK.” The closest I’ve gotten so far is “Hello Kitty pink.”

    (Like moiraeknittoo, I find the plain vanilla sock pretty soothing to knit. Eye-punching shades of pink aside.)

    5 comments to It’s… So… PINK.

    • two silver cats

      Have you seen the first episode of the BBC’s Sherlock??? If you haven’t, you should. PIIIIIIIIIIIINK!!!

    • moiraeknittoo

      !!! That’s my Kramer-esque reaction to seeing my name in your post. Hee.

      I’m thinking Electrified Sherbert might work as a color name? It’s almost the shade of the Haagen Daas strawberry sorbet, only that’s darker. This one looks like it has the lights turned on. But I like PIIIIIIIIINK too!

      Yay for a new sock!

    • i’m a fan of ‘electric flamingo,’ myself.

    • Electric Flamingo would suit it. I used to be very anti-pink but I’ve softened on the color.

    • I’ve never been a big fan of pink, either. I can tolerate it as long as I think of it as purple with too-little blue…

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