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    The Most Boring Knitting In The World

    I knit up the rest of that one ball of dishcloth cotton into a cat mat, but it fell a little short, so I tacked on some from another ball to finish it out. I like the contrast, and I don’t think the cats will mind. Then I used up the last of that second ball with a dishcloth.

    Yes! More dishcloths!

    I can only imagine how thrilled everyone must be, when I post about Yet Another Dishcloth. Like, “Wow! You knit more dishcloths? TELL ME MORE!!!” But they’re just so darned soothing. No mental gymnastics whatsoever, you just start knitting, and watching whatever you’re watching, and eventually you look down and you’re done.

    Even with a sock, at some point you have to pause and turn the heel, you know?

    Apropos of nothing, I recently discovered Pinterest, and it’s so compelling that I feel a little bad about telling you about it. Pinterest is like an unholy union between Twitter and Tumblr.

    It’s like Twitter, but less verbose. Or like Tumblr, but less confusing.

    Worst of all, it has that “infinite scroll” thing. If you’re the kind of person who tells yourself you’ll just check out the main page before going to bed, you could be in trouble.

    Anyway, here’s my collection of pinboards! (Oh goody, more weird jargon to learn.) And if you have a Pinterest account, let me know so I can friend you!

    5 comments to The Most Boring Knitting In The World

    • Oh boy, a DISHCLOTH! TELL ME MORE!

      Hey. Dishcloths are fabulous. I love seeing yours. FO’s, for sure.

      That cat mat is kind of cool…..might have to make one….looking away…..really looking away before I click on that pinterest site.

    • Have you seen the “The Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials? You could totally reframe the Most Boring Knitting in the World based on those…

      “I don’t always knit with dishcloth cotton…but when I do, I use all garter stitch.”

    • moiraeknittoo

      I love seeing your dishcloths. Right now plain vanilla socks are that sort of soothing knitting for me. Ahhhh.

    • Oh, man… Where did the last hour go? Oh, yeah. Thanks for the rabbit-hole… *sigh*

    • I sure do have Pinterest! Haha… and yes it is incredibly addicting.

      I’ve added you to my ‘following’ list, but if you don’t see me, you can find me using my email address:

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